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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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20 Oct 2017

Views: 210


Wanted need nexstar 11 handpad

By: mdowns Location: US

I'm looking for a early version of the nexstar 11 handpad. I dont care if its ugly but rather only that all functions...

13 Oct 2017

Views: 671


Wanted INTES M503 or Intes-Alter M500

By: msl615 Location: Fairbanks

I am looking for either the Intes-Alter M500 or the Intes M503 OTA variants of this Russian made Mak-Rumak. I am espe...

06 Oct 2017

Views: 268


Wanted Questar Standard 3.5 *WANTED*

By: jag32 Location: Maryland

I am looking for a Questar Standard 3.5 that is in excellent condition. I am not concerned about the year, mirror ty...

01 Oct 2017

Views: 270



By: bjgiii Location: Punta Gorda, FL

I'm in the market for a AT6RC or one of the other 6" RC brands. It can come fully loaded or stock. Let me know if you...

01 Oct 2017

Views: 265


Wanted Wanted: Intes MK-67 Deluxe

By: Spectral Type Location: 94553

Looking for an Intes Mk-67 Deluxe, if you have one that is collecting dust and you would like to give it a good home,...

25 Sep 2017

Views: 199


Wanted Wanted orion xx16g cases, orion 15102

By: Andrekuznetsov Location: Belton sc

Looking for a set of used cases for xx16g scope.

24 Sep 2017

Views: 265


Wanted Celestron EdgeHD 8 OTA

By: jkfrazier Location: VA

Looking for a Celestron EdgeHD 8 OTA

21 Sep 2017

Views: 252


Wanted Good used Celestron CPC 11

By: jjam47 Location: 87114

Hello, I will pay a fair price for a good used Celestron CPC 11. It will need to be shipped to 87114. If it is within...

19 Sep 2017

Views: 243


Wanted Wanted Intes MK-63 or MK-67

By: meade4ever Location: Europe

I'm looking for one of these scope, MK-63 preferred if complete thanks for looking

07 Sep 2017

Views: 351


Wanted Meade 8 inch LX90 w UHTC

By: Mta472 Location: USA

with tripod and Autostar. Clear skies ..... mike +++

05 Sep 2017

Views: 532


Wanted Terabeam

By: PNWkarma Location: Any

Looking for a functional Terabeam OTA. Do you have one that's not being used? Thanks in advance!

04 Sep 2017

Views: 279


Wanted Mewlon 250 or 210.

By: mikona Location: Southern California

Hello, I am looking for Mewlon 250 (preferably) or a Mewlon 210. Must be in excellent condition. I can pay via Pay...

04 Sep 2017

Views: 425


Wanted WANTED Metal dust cap and dec motor

By: bob midiri Location: se pa 19320

Hi I have an older TriColor C8 and am looking for an original metal front dust cover and a dec motor with hand contro...

01 Sep 2017

Views: 480


Wanted Goto Optical 100mm/4" Maksutov

By: Stew44 Location: Any

Hoping to find one of these. Thanks for letting me know what you have.

30 Aug 2017

Views: 244


Wanted C8 fastar secondary mirror assembly

By: Itz marcus Location: usa

Hi, Looking for a secondary mirror in a fastar assembly for a C8. Someones gotta have! Let me know if you do. Clear S...

30 Aug 2017

Updated: 11 Sep 2017

Views: 355



By: michaelmcdermott Location: Wildwood, MO

Wanted Hyperstar for Meade 14" SCT GPS. Must be in excellent condition.

11 Aug 2017

Views: 276


Wanted Celestron 0.7x Focal Reducer #94242 for EdgeHD 800

By: dblstar Location: 37167

Let me know if you want to part with one.Excellent condition, please.Blessings!Don in TN..."in total eclipse path for...

06 Aug 2017

Updated: 16 Oct 2017

Views: 299


Wanted WANTED A Vixen focal reducer for VMC200L

By: Dave Yates Location: Alliston Ontario

Hi all I am looking for a focal reducer for my VMC200L- Anyone have one??. Thanks' Dave

21 Jul 2017

Updated: 21 Jul 2017

Views: 262


Wanted Questar Wanted

By: 93711dude Location: CA

hi - If you have an unusual / interesting / important Questar to sell, please drop me a line. Thanks

02 Jul 2017

Views: 224


Wanted Want celestron EdgeHd 800 .7 reducer

By: chrisnardone Location: 78418

Want celestron EdgeHd 800 .7 reducer

21 Jun 2017

Updated: 25 Jun 2017

Views: 665


Wanted Orange Tube C14

By: slsnider423 Location: USA

Hi folks. I'm interested in acquiring another orange tube C14. I'm looking for one manufactured in the very late 1970...

17 Jun 2017

Views: 295


Wanted C8 secondary faster assembly and mirror

By: Itz marcus Location: Brooklyn

Hi, looking for a faster secondary assembly and mirror for a c8. clear skies itz

06 Jun 2017

Updated: 18 Feb 2018

Views: 423


Wanted Wanted Peterson Engineering Get-A-Grip Handles

By: Kayakmurf Location: Chico, CA

Still looking for these. If you find that you really don't need them, I'll buy your pair and send you the original Me...

05 Jun 2017

Views: 334


Wanted Wanted TriColur C8 accessories

By: bob midiri Location: se pa 19320

What you see in this picture is what I have plus a diagonal and eyepieces. What I need is a front lens cover from tha...

31 May 2017

Views: 405


Wanted Wanted: C14

By: BWAZ Location: Southern California

Looking for a C14 or C14HD with stunning optics. For the standard C14, I prefer the one with the XLT coating, but wil...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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