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Best of Links for SASE forum

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Posted 31 July 2007 - 05:03 PM

Welcome to CN’s Science of Astronomy & Space Exploration. What follows are links to websites that will be of interest to anyone looking to learn more about Astronomy or Space Exploration. This is v1.2 of this thread, more updates will be done as time allows.

Astronomy and Astro Physics
Astro Physical Journal

Join in the hunt for Gravity Waves - Put your computer to work! Einstein @ Home

A lot of great reading on the PhysicsWorld website: http://physicsweb.org

They have their own "best of" in Astrophyics: http://physicsweb.org/bestof/astro

Blogs, Podcasts and News
Emily's Blog and Planetary Radio at the Planetary Society

Space Daily

Universe Today

Manned Spaceflight

Rocket Engines 101 A discussion of the various types or rocket engines, how they work, who makes them, what the trade-offs are and etc....

International Space Station also called the ISS for short. This station is humankind’s outpost in low earth orbit; you can even see it pass overhead at night.

Space Shuttle the current vehicle NASA uses for manned missions to the International Space Station or other missions in low earth orbit.

Constellation Program

Orion Crew Vehicle is the next generation vehicle to replace the aging Space Shuttle.

Picture websites
Cassini Imaging Public Site is the website where all Cassini images are posted to on the Internet.

NASA Photo Journal is the repository for all images from NASA missions to the planets.


Proposed Planet Definition


http://www.cloudynig...-4#entry7209025 Is a link to CN member Russell23's idea for a new definition of a planet. Please feel free to send Russell23 (Dave) a PM if you've linked his definition into a thread so he can clarify or answer any questions that may arise.  

Science Education
Planetary Society is the world's largest space-interest group dedicated. It tends to be geared towards planetary exploration

Space Telescope Science Institute is the organization that releases the imagery and research collected by the Hubble Space Telescope to the public an media. The emphasis of this site is astronomy education to the general public

From MIT: many courses.

From Berkeley: Introductory Physics.

From Utah State University: Quantum Mechanics.

From Tufts University: Physics for Humanists, and Introduction to Modern Physics.

From Yale: Frontiers and controversies in astrophysics.

From The Open University: Motion under gravity, The evolving universe, The moon, The sun, Comparing stars, Introduction to Active Galaxies, Icy bodies: Europa and elsewhere, Telescopes and spectrographs, The restless Universe, An overview of active galaxies, and The Big Bang.

From Gresham College (year 2010...there are more from previous years): Voyages to the outer Solar System, Unsolved mysteries of the Universe, Black Holes - no need to be afraid!, The Afterglow of Creation, Life on Mars?, and Wonders of the Southern Skies.

Space Agencies

Japanese Space Program


Unmanned Spacecraft Missions—Earth Reconassissance

Unmanned Spacecraft Missions—Inner Solar System & Moon
Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter

Mars Exploration Robot/Rovers (Spirit and Opportunity)

Mars Global Surveyor

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter

Mars Phoenix Mission Page at U of AZ


Unmanned Spacecraft Missions—Outer Solar System & Asteroids


Dawn Mission Page


New Horizons (mission to Pluto)
Einstein @ Home

Science related videos:

Carl Sagan

Neil Tyson

Richard Feynman, my favorite scientist

You'll never look at wood the same way


CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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