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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.


Wondering where to put that post?

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Posted 03 March 2005 - 09:52 AM

Try these forum descriptions / guidelines out for size....

Beginner's Forum
A place for people new to the hobby to ask questions and receive some helpful answers. We're here to help you. You will likely find a variety of answers and questions presented here. Pick and choose to find the best fit to your situation. Also, make sure to read the threads pinned to the top of this forum and to use the search feature when possible to determine if your question has already been answered several times. But, never hesitate to ask.

Swap and Shop Forum
A place for fellow Cloudy Nighters to buy, sell and trade their goods with the best group of amatuer astronomers on the web!

Celestial Events
Welcome to Celestial Events, a bulletin board for announcements about currently or soon to be observable astronomical events. Need a finder chart for that bright comet? Want to know when the next meteor shower will peak? Looking for suggestions on what to observe? Visit regularly for answers to all your questions about what's happening now in the celestial show. If folks want to discuss these events, the staff of Cloudy Nights invites you to start or join a thread in the appropriate observing forum. Celestial Events is for announcements, only.

ATM and Optics Forum
Ever wondered about making your own telescope? We've got plenty of room in this forum for your telescope making project, as well as any other astronomy related project you may be considering. Mounts, chairs, piers, tripods are all welcome. We also have good advice on optics, and many resources for finding items you may need for your project! Pictures of your project can be posted here. Please help us by not posting any photos over 100k (60k preferred) 800 x 600 pixels.

Binocular Forum
This forum discusses everything you ever wanted to know about binocular optics and mechanics. We also talk about all kinds of camera style tripods and binoculars mounts. Specialty topics include coatings, sharpness of field view, hand-holdable, testing for aberrations, exit pupil and eye pupil, illumination, objects viewed and nearly 100 binocular minireviews. Anybody and everybody can contribute. Come visit our "Best Of" library!

Binoviewer Forum
This is the place to discuss the wonders of binoviewing. Feel welcome to discuss Binoviewers, correctors and eyepieces.Controversial discussions, debates and even differences of opinions are acceptable, but all discussions should be polite, and not give cause for offense.

Cats Forum
You have found the forum for discussions centered around catadioptric telescopes. This includes Schmidt-Cassegrains, Maksutov-Newtonians, Schmidt-Newtonians, and all the other flavors of telescopes which incorporate both mirror(s) and lens(es).

Classic Telescopes
This is place to talk about scopes from years long past. All we ask is you follow all the forum guidelines when it comes to language.

Equipment Forum
This is a good place for general hardware discussions that don't fit neatly into any of the more specific categories. Questions regarding comparisons between different classes of telescope are one example. Making different pieces of gear work together well is another likely topic.

Eyepiece Forum
This forum is for the discussion of all things ocular. High power, low power, orthos, plossls, wide fields, narrow fields...you name it, we'll discuss it. Bring your questions and knowledge and get an in-depth understanding of what is probably the most important component in your visual chain.

Mounts Forum
This forum is for the discussion of telescope mounts. EQ, Alt/AZ, Fork Mount, Single Arm, GOTO, Push To, Driven, Undriven, Dob, any type is welcome. Keep it clean and civil, and most importantly: Share some quality information and Have Fun!

Your telescope deserves a home of its own. Here is a place to ask questions and post pictures of your obsevatory project. 100k max (60k preferred) 800 x 600 pixels.

This forum will be a place to discuss choosing and using refractor telescopes. Have fun and be nice to each other.

Reflector Forum
Are you interested in discussing Newtonian, Cassegrainian, Herschelian, Off-Axis, or other types of reflecting telescopes? How well is your reflector performing on planets? Just how deep can you reach for those elusive DSOs? Would improved collimation techniques or a cleaner mirror help your scope's performance? This forum enables experienced observers and beginners to interact with questions and answers on telescopes having mirrors. Whether your interest is in large mirror dobsonians, exotic small mirror travel scopes, or something in between, you're invited to participate by posting your comments.

Beginning Imaging
This forum is intended for beginners getting started imaging DSOs with webcams, the Meade DSI or other low cost/low resolution imagers.Image sizes are restricted to 800x600 with a 100k max file limit.

Film Astrophotography
This forum is dedicated to film astrophotography, be it APS, 35mm, medium format, or even large format! While silicon-sensor astrophotography is the new kid on the block, film is still great for all sorts of imaging, particularly beautiful widefields. Welcome!
When posting images, please use a maximum size of 800x600 pixels and a maximum file size of 60k in order to keep Cloudy Nights easily accessible for our dialup users.

DSLR & Digital Camera Imaging & Processing
This forum is for DLSR & Digital Camera imaging. Those folks with regular digital cameras are welcome to post here. Discuss equipment, techiques, software and of course post your photos! Image sizes are restricted to 800x600 with a 100k max file limit. Please try and use 60k as your limit it's much easier on the dial up users.

CCD Imaging and Processing
A forum for CCD Imagers to share images, discuss techniques, software and engage in friendly conversations. 60K is the size limit for images!

Solar System Imaging and Processing
This forum is for posting images of the Sun, Moon, Planets and other objects winging through the Solar System. Photos from all camera types are welcome. This is area is a great place to discuss techniques, software and engage in friendly competition. 60K is the size limit for all images! Please post all Solar System photos in this thread only.

Reader's Gallery
This is the place to post photos you would like to be considered for the monthly Reader's Gallery. There are separate threads for photos and comments for each category. We'd like to highlight differing levels of experience so don't be shy about posting your photos. Please limit your file size to 60K.

Celestron Nexstar Forum (Non GPS)
This is the place to swap tips, tricks, work-arounds, and your experiences (good, or bad) involving any of the Non-GPS Nexstar Models. Please keep all discussions within the CN guidelines.

NexStar GPS / CPC Telescopes
A place to discuss the operation, pecularities, and share the experiences of using NexStar scopes.

Questar Forum
The Questar forum is dedicated to discussions around Questar telescopes and all the accessories. Questar observation reports are welcome as are Questar solar sessions.

A forum to discuss high end Meade scopes. Among them the LX200, LX200 GPS, and new RCX series. If you would like to post an image, the image size must not exceed 100k and 800x600. 60k is preferable! . Lets show some consideration to our dial up users. If you want to show a larger version of your images you can insert a link to an off site page or to the CN gallery section. Thank you for your cooperation.

Meade ETX
This is the place to visit for all ETX telescope discussions.

Planetary and Solar System Observing
Come on in to discuss planets, asteroids, comets, natural and artificial satellites, meteors, and anything else that can be found in our Solar System. Here you will find threads on what lowest power will see the Cassini Division, how much scope it takes to resolve Encke, and what it takes to see Saturn's and Jupiter's moons as disks. General topics about the sun and moon are welcome, but for more specific discussions about these bodies, please visit the Solar and Lunar Observing forums.

Lunar Observing:
Welcome to the forum dedicated to the observation and appreciation of our Moon. Join us in the Lunie Bin and learn about the only world other than the Earth to bear the imprint of Human feet. Images and sketches are most welcome, but please keep image file sizes within the posted Cloudy Nights image requirements of 60K, 600x800.

Deep Sky Observing
Star clusters and Nebula (what's the plural here?)can be discussed here. We want to hear about your observing session. Pictures and sketches are welcome! 100k (60k preferred) 800 x 600 pixels.

Double Star Forum
Here we have compiled lists of doubles with varying degrees of difficulty. There are lists of colored doubles, doubles in open clusters and doubles to test the resolution limits of your scopes. There are even lists for binocular observers. This is where you will find information about the theory and limits of resolution, explanation of the Airy disk, Rayleigh Limit and Dawes Limit. Come join in the long thread where observers have posted their lowest power to split the Double-Double in Lyra.

Solar Observing:
Welcome to the part of Cloudy Nights were the Sun does shine, a forum for conversations regarding solar observation, along with its tools and techniques. Join us in the light of day, whether you prefer that light to be H-alpha or white! Images and sketches are welcome, but must conform to posted Cloudy Nights image size requirements of 60K, 600x800.

Variable Star Observing
Did you know that some variable stars' brightness can change by a full magnitude in just a few days? Come learn how amateur astronomers are contributing to real science from their own backyard.

The Off Topic Observatory
The "water cooler" of Cloudy Nights! Non-astronomy related topics can be discussed here. Please refrain from political or religious topics. Keep things clean and have some fun getting to know other Cloudy Nights members!

The Science of Astronomy & Space Exploration

This forum is for discussing what's out there. Please keep posts on topic and related to science and history. Example:
- "can I observe the Encke Gap with my 6" reflector?" is an observation question, and belongs in the "planetary observing" forum. The existence or not of the Encke Gap, what it is made of, and how it was discovered would be legitimate topics for discussion in this forum.

Cloudy Days
This forum is for discussing all terrestrial uses of optics, from birding to whale watching, from binoculars to spotting scopes and tripods. If you've got a question or got something to share regarding daytime use of optics, there are people here that can relate. Keep images posted to within Cloudy Nights guidelines of 60K or smaller, 600x800.

A place for Cloudy Nights members who like to play in the dirt. Whether your garden produces flowers or food, share your experiences and problems here. Also welcome are discussions of recipes for garden fresh produce, and garden pictures. Please keep image sizes within the Cloudy Nights guidelines of 60K, 600x800.

So, you like to look at the stars? I bet a bunch of you like to listen to music while you do it. This forum is for discussion of audio related topics, hardware, software, CD, VINYL. Strictly audio please, because you can't watch movies and look at the stars at the same time...

Cameras and Photography
Come on in to discuss your equipment,shooting techniques and share your images. All formats are welcome be they digital or film. Participate in the monthly photo contest. Please limit image sizes to 60K and 600x800.

Do you have an amateur website that is dedicated to your love of Astronomy but never seem to get many people to view and share the experience? This forum is dedicated to people who archive their logs, images and ideas. We are a friendly group who are always willing to help and why not get your site added to the Cloudy Nights Amateur Site list.

A place to let your imagination and creative juices flow! You may post any (usually) non-photographic work, computer generated or hand drawn. Show us what your Universe looks like! Please keep image sizes to 60k or lower and 800x600.

Astronomy Software:
This is the place to discuss all things associated with Computers, PDAs, Software, and Hardware as you apply these tools to your astronomy hobby.

Stellar Reading:
A forum dedicated to astronomers who are behind in their reading. Here we discuss books on astronomical history, technique, and observing skills, among other related subjects. Discussions of charts and atlases are also most welcome, as are short reviews of books of astronomical interest.

Astro Outreach and Star PartiesAstro Outreach and Star Parties
Here you will find info about upcoming star parties. This is also the place to post you stories about sharing astronomy with other people, especially kids. If you're looking for info on how to go about conducting outreach programs you can search here for articles on Presenting Astronomy in the Classroom, Concepts Relating Math to Astronomy for gradeschool kids, Helping a Scout Troop Plan a Public Astronomy Event and links to NASAs Solar System Ambassador Program.

Cloudy Nights Feedback Forum:
This is for any and all feedback relating to Cloudy Nights, both positive and negative. Please make your negative feedback constructive at all times. We respectfully request that you adhere to all CN guidelines.

Vendor Announcements
Keep up to date on the latest vendor news. In this forum, expect to find announcements ranging from the biggest names in astronomy to the smallest entrepreneurs. You are encouraged to chat with the vendors about their announcements, but please note that this is not a vendor feedback forum, so kindly keep you chat "on-topic". Be sure to check this forum regularly for big sale announcements, too!
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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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