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Astro Objects for 60-70mm Bino Comparison?

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Posted 11 May 2005 - 12:45 PM


Would like some suggestions for the group for good objects up in the evening to do some comparisons between some different 60mm-70mm class binos. I will post my findings and thoughts to the board. The binos, I will compare are:

Pentax 9x63 DCF roofs
Fujinon 10x60 HB roofs
Meopta 12x60 Porros
Swift 9x63 Ultralights
Fujinon 10x70 FMTR's
Zeiss 15x60

I am trying to ultimately select a single pair to use to use for spotting for a big dob, so hand holdability is important. The 15x60's really dont qualify as a hand holdable bino, due to the 15x mag. The Fujinon 10x60's are an obese 56 oz's, they actually feel heavier than the 10x70's at 74 oz's. The Ultralights on the other hand are 34 ozs...

Based on Daylight observations and borrowing Holgers format I would rate them so far as follows:

6=Best 1=Worst -- The Fuji 10x60hbs and the zeiss 15x60s are in a class by themselves for sharpness. The rest are very close to the same.

Holdability AFOV Build Sharpness TOTAL
Pentax 9x63 5 1 1 3 10
Fuji 10x60 3 5 4 5 17
Meopta 12x60 4 3 5 3 15
Swift 9x63 6 1 2 3 12
Fujinon 10x70 2 3 6 3 14
Zeiss 15x60 1 6 3 5 15

Preliminary discussion

The Pentax 9x63's are a disappointment to me, given the buzz for other DCF roofs on the net, perhaps thats why this size was discontinued. These and the Zeiss 15x60's are likely to find their way back to EBay. Even though its a great glass optically if I am going to go tripod mount, I would sooner use a 15x80. The swifts earn a keeper rating based on their weight, even though they are extremely narrow 5.4 degree. The Meoptas are a nice glass, a large glass, but near zeiss in quality. They are on the bubble
:question: at this time. The 10x70's are the older style 10x70, I want to get a new style that will accept the nebula filters, so while these may go, a Fuji 10x70 with filters will likely stay.

Thanks for any input.


#2 EdZ


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Posted 11 May 2005 - 12:58 PM

M65 M66 in Leo
M81 M82 in Ursa Major
M108 M97 in Ursa major, although both might be missed except by the 15x
M101 in Ursa major

M44 the Beehive, charts available in forum

M67 in Cancer, although many of these might not see much of anything.

doubles between 10 and 20 arcseconds list available in forum

Cluster 6940 in Vulpeculla

North America nebula
Veil nebula

M71 in Sagitta

Cr399 cluster, the Coathanger, charts available in forum.

M10 M12 globulars in Opiuchus

M16 M17 nebulae in Scutum area


#3 Erik D

Erik D


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Posted 11 May 2005 - 02:14 PM

Unless you enjoy very dark skies I don't think you will be able to take full advantage of the large exit pupil offered by 9X63 or 10X70 binos. Binos with 7mm eixt pupil do provide a very bright image of the sky background but they don't necessarily show more stars... You may be handling the extra bulk of 63/70mm binos without real gain in limiiting visibility.

Take a look at EdZ' comments comparing the Fuji 10X70 vs 16X70 models in the mini review section. I've compared the views thru my 12X60 Oberwerk and 12X50 Leupold quite a bit in the last few month. The Leupold Roof Prisms are about 1/2 the szie of the Oberwerk 60mm porros but I could not see any noticable gain with the bigger Oberwerks from my central NJ location. (~mag 4.5)

You may find the Oberwerk 11X56(36 oz) with 6 deg FOV to be an excellent spotter for a big Dob. They are not waterproof but the cost is less than 1/3 of my Leupod Olympic 12X50s....

ERik D

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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