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Oberwerk Mariner 10x60: A less critical 1st light

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Posted 14 July 2005 - 11:58 PM

First thank you CN for a wealth of information in regard to binoculars, what to look for, comparisons, personal insights, etc. Thank you Edz for you feedback to my direct questions in the past.

I am now the proud owner of a new pair of Oberwerk Mariner 10x60 binoculars. The weather outside is terrible (to be expected), however, I will share my initial thoughts in regard to this wonderful instrument.

Looking at the Oberwerk Mariner 10x60 binoculars

Coatings are excellent. They are very dark geen on both the lens and EPs. The reflections are minimal under the hashest bright light conditions I could produce. I could easily see through the bino from the front approx. 5' away without observing any reflections. I did not notice any internal surface reflections and the bino had all visable surfaces blackened.

The fit and finsh is also excellent. The rubber texture is nice. I like the slower motion of the center-focuser, however, it was more stiff than others I have used. The right ocular diopter adjustment is also stiff, however, I feel that is a plus. I observe with contacts so the twist-up eyecups could be extend a little longer for my liking.

The size and weight give it a solid feel in your hands. They are 3.2lbs per the dealer. I plan to use them mounted most of the time, however, it was important that I could support them myself. I did do some observing holding and found them just at the limit of what I can personally manage given the 10x magnification and weight.

Looking through the Oberwerk Mariner 10x60 binoculars

I wish I could have done a good star tested and picked out a few other objects but mother nature just would not have it tonight. So I improvised. I found the sharpness to be excellent. I used printed text at about 50' away as my subject. I found that inside, under atifical light, I was able to resolve the text across nearly the entire FOV. I did notice some curvature, however, the FOV is more flat than I expected. I also used the horizonal and vertical lines of the masonry around my fireplace and wood blinds to detect the curvature across the FOV.

I then took the binoculars outside and mounted them on my Orion Paragon XHD. With the clouds averhead I focused instead on a distant radio tower. In the past I have found this tower to be very useful. It is my main taget for algning my finder scopes. It provides a very good reference point in determining lower atmospheric conditions. At night the distant bright flashing lights along with the smaller steady lights make for a good test subject. It's not exactly a star test but can be revealing. False color and other aberrations are the things it seems to bring out the worst. These binoculars did excellent IMHO in regard to limited false color.

I did manage to take in a few stars between the clouds. I think I will be even more pleased once I can get just an average night of extended use.

I will be certain to post more once I get a chance to break them in properly.


CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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