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First, second and third light

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Posted 21 January 2004 - 08:44 PM


I finally went and got the 6" SVP reflector rig last week. :)

Got it out of the clearance section, so it didn't come with a drive.. Not a big deal.. I was planning on doing the meade GOTO conversion eventually..

My general impressions "out of the box" was great.. I couldn't find out just what was wrong with it.. Sweet!! .....Or so I thought.. :o

I got it all assembled in the house, and then proceeded to collimate it.. ( it was WAYYYYY out, as was expected) It didn't take me too long, but something didn't seem right to me, so i went back to that misaligned focuser or bad barlow thread to refresh my memory..

I then found 2 problems.. One, was that the secondary was too close to the primary, and no amount of backing out the collimation screws, and tightening the main screw would pull it back far enough to be dead center under the focuser tube.. :confused: (it was too far to the right in the focuser)
And even tho I thought I still had it reasonably well lined up, something still wasn't right to me. My guess was the secondary position in 2 axises .. As usual, I got slammed with the "new scope curse" and endured 4 nights of nothing but clouds or snow.. :(

During those 3 days, I had a talk with AlM on another project I'm helping out with, and I asked him about this secondary issue I'm having.. He gave me quite a few ideas and things to double check, and I ended up having to move the focuser down the tube taking up whatever slop I could get out of the holes.. That seemed to do the trick. I then had to be sure it was square to the focuser, which it wasn't, so I squared it up.. Now its darn near dead center. :) I could probably go down just a bit more, but when I hit it with the laser, both in and out beams overlap perfectly, and using the cap orion gives shows it's dead on as well.. One SMALL problem then appeared.. I noticed (while shining a flashlight down the tube to check for roundness thru the EP tube), that the very top of the secondary has a line where there is no coating :foreheadslap:... It Hasn't affected the views I get from what I can tell, and I can see the primary in full, with nothing "cut off" so I think It'll be ok..

I then went and did a total mount tune up.. I could almost write a novel solving one of the problems I ran into on the RA axis.. :tonofbricks:
In a nutshell, I ended up having to add a total Of .010 in spacers, on the shaft, between the bearing and the underside of the head so the bearing would touch the underside of the head and spin free. It was jamming on the aluminum worm gear, and the plastic spacers on it's ends, meaning something was short.. I came to that discovery after doing the tune up, and STILL had problems with that axis.. so thats solved. LOL There's still a few small bugs I need to work out, but overall now, I'm happy.. :grin:

Tonight, the proof was in the pudding... Saturn at 300x (5mm EP barlowed) :yay: :thewave: :yay:
The view was almost PERFECT.. The seeing conditions were forcast to be almost excellent for 3 hrs tonight, and they were.. :) I've used the scope a few times this week, and I tried this combo last night on it, with no luck at all... Pleades last night and tonight was FANTASTIC. I even managed to find the Andromeda galaxy last night. ( I could BARELY see it naked eye, and I've been trying for weeks to see that one LOL)
I spent most of last night swinging that thing all over the sky and shivering myself silly.. :) I'm ACHING for it to warm up just a bit, so I can get my girls outside to have a look.. It's way too cold for them, and me almost ****

A big round of thanks to everyone here.. Youv'e managed to help make me one happy camper with what I picked.. Now I need to pick up a few more EP's to round out my meager collection..
I'm trying to collect up a complete original Meade Series 4000 SP EP set.. I have 3 so far.. The 12.4, 15 (on the way) and the 40. Anyone happen to know what the original set comprised of ??
Plus I have the stock 10 and 25 orion EPs, plus a Meade 5mm Pl, and an 18mm WA Pl. Not too bad of an EP set I think..

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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