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Eclipse Mak 6" and the Zen of Tonkin bamboo

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Posted 16 October 2005 - 09:46 AM

A personal experience I have had that most haven’t is that I have been. . Knocked Off . .by the Chinese. Another world for me is that of making bamboo fly rods in the flyfishing world. Last year at the Midwest Flyfishing Expo I looked down to see my name associated with a Chinese made rod. The name was used because (to acknowledge) that the rod was made to a taper (the character of casting) that I had developed. I took the rod to the casting pond and it did what it was supposed to do there. As I returned to the dealer’s booth he is now fully aware of the situation that was unfolding. My comment . . “It casts great . .but . .They spelled the name wrong”.
Just as I am sure that the person that purchases the fly rod will have years of enjoyment with it at 1/7th the cost of . . .an original. I too am enjoying some of the benefits of that same effect in my entry to the astronomy world.
Over the past years I had a start at star gazing lead somewhat by my interest in observing nature. Flyfishing takes you to some very pristine places. So for my first scope I got a Celestron 102 wide field spotting scope. It allowed me to pay my dues in learning about telescopes and all the accessories that accompany them. My second plunge was to purchase the infamous eBay Newtonian which I got used with a vision of using the mount for the Celestron for sky viewing.
Then recently my telescope world changed. I became aware of a dealer local to my Northern Michigan shed on the river escape. I got a fantastic deal on an 80mm refractor (HOC) for a friend through his eBay sales. Stopping to meet him on one of my journeys north he introduced me to the more serious world of telescopes. And through an importer that is said to be very poor at delivery :tonofbricks: and a dropped telescope incident with another client :bawling:, I now have an Eclipse MAK 6” and a Konus EM-3 mount.
Now I have read reviews of both, the telescope especially has not ranked well. However, I have to disagree with those reviews. At least on the particular unit I have in my possession. That may be a key in all this. Just as my fly rod design was copied well in the Chinese version. The Eclipse I own has very good optics. However, the next one in the rack may not. That is the gamble of such things until proven differently by the importer.
Now you may ask how I recognize good optic without the experience with many scopes. Well, I have made a few stops at the northern shop. Scott, the owner, has been very informative and has always given me the time that a true service business is about. In those stops we have done side by side comparisons with several quality scopes. Obviously, when you use a 10” or 12” aperture scope against a 6” you have to account for some differences in light grasp. But the subtle details of the images can be compared and the view with the Eclipse did reveal the details.
Part of the fun of learning a different scope are the surprises it can offer. Not realizing the full impact of a long focal length scope :shocked:, I have now purchased a 2” diagonal and a 50mm eyepiece for views of the close Nebula. The scope does yield a very black background. And too the other night I reached out and did see detail in Mars at 237x. Then yesterday, just for the fun of it ,we set the scope up at a roadside park that overlooks a popular resort lake. Even overpowered at 454x (the scope is rated to 299x) I was able to read the brand name of the jeans a fisherman wore bobbing in a bassboat a mile and a quarter away :foreheadslap:.
Now I hope I have been fair in pointing out some of the draw backs of considering this particular scope. But yet having had the positive experience I have had with mine I felt that perhaps someone saying that yes they can be good as well is only reasonable. I know in my other circle that sometimes we sit around with a glass of wine or a brew and get caught up in those very minute intricate details of our craft and the names associated with their work. And then finally someone brings us back to reality by saying. “Hey let’s go fish” :jump: and we all go off and have an active enjoyment of what it was meant to be.

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Posted 17 October 2005 - 12:24 AM

My head hurts.

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Posted 17 October 2005 - 02:23 PM

Hello! I'm the owner, co-designer and importer of Eclipse optical instruments. I'm glad to hear that you have a good MAK6. We are working hard on the development of our products that we don't just import but design and have them manufactured according to our strict specifications. If you need anything else, please email me.


CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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