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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.


Cloudy Nights, Introduce yourself!

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#3501 Mythredius


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Posted 07 December 2018 - 10:44 PM



I'm an aspiring beginner at astronomy, and I'm planning to get my feet wet in this exciting field! The idea of driving to a remote dark-sky area, grabbing a tent, and just aiming and viewing at various stars and galaxies, nebulas, and an endless array of other intergalatic objects just captivates me at every thought.


I've been reading through this fourm, going over different questions that other fellow astronomers had, and I'm simply amazed at the sheer voulme of informed, and insightful responses from all of the kind people who dedicate their time to helping others within this forum. I'm excited to see where the wonderful field of astronomy takes me, and being a part of this forum is one big step in the right direction, toward the cosmos.





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#3502 Van Do9:3

Van Do9:3

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Posted 08 December 2018 - 01:50 AM

Hello CN'ers,


My Name is My, pronounced 'Me'. I apologize, I joined in September but never introduced myself. Think, big kid in department store heading straight to the toys aisle. I have always been fascinated with astronomy and archaeoastronomy. As a kid, I remember watching Cosmos, In search Of, and Jack Horkheimer. Yes, this explains a lot about me. I've never owned a telescope until last Christmas when my wife and daughter gifted me a Celestron Powerseeker 127mm EQ (I know, but please let me finish). We enjoyed observing the planetary show earlier this year.


It was when I started researching how to improve the Powerseeker, that I chanced upon Cloudy Nights. What a find! The CN members have built a fantastic site. I am overwhelmed and extremely appreciative of the amount of work and knowledge the members have contributed to create this site. The CN folks I have communicated with are very friendly and open to assisting newcomers. I hope to be able to post some of my equipment finds and observations here soon.


Clear skies.

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#3503 konrad


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Posted 08 December 2018 - 07:46 AM

Welcome to CN  Adam and My enjoy

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#3504 Greyhaven



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Posted 08 December 2018 - 09:54 AM


It's always nice to welcome another Maine astronomer to CN!  Nice shot. When you're shooting the Moon there is enough light that single exposure shots will simplify AP.  Tracking is a non-issue and processing will enhance the results fine. We have a few Maine members that will chat from time to time on this thread. Stop by and say Hi.


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#3505 aeajr


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Posted 08 December 2018 - 11:28 AM

Welcome to our new members.  We are glad you joined and look forward to chatting
and are very happy to help you.

We don't answer questions in this thread so, if you have questions, start a
new discussion in the forum that most closely matches the topic of your

There are 10 major forums each with sub forums.  So it is best to post your questions,
comments or the like in the proper forum.   And it is best not to inject a new question
in the middle of someone else’s topic as it can confuse the conversation.   Start a new discussion.

Beginner visual astronomy questions can be posted in the beginner forum.   If your
question it is about astrophotography or  imaging then it should be posted in the
beginner imaging forum.  If you have something informational, that should not
be posted in the beginner forums, they are for beginner questions.


COUNTRY/REGION/STATE:  A good thing to do, if you have not, is to go into
your profile and enter your country and/or your city so people who are
trying to help you will know approximately where you are in the world.  Top
right of the screen you will see your screen name with a little down arrow.
Go to My Settings.  This is where you can make a number of changes.

SIGNATURE:   Also, I recommend you create a signature (my settings)
where you can list your telescope your eyepieces or whatever you wish.  My
signature is at the bottom of this post.  A signature helps people help you
because they know what you have.  We get a lot of requests from people
saying, "I am new, what eyepieces should I get?"   Now we play 20 questions
to find out what telescope they have, what eyepieces they already own, etc..

BUDGET: When asking about things to buy it is good to provide a budget.   An
eyepiece can be $30 or it can be $300.  If we don't know your budget we
don't know how to advise you.  In fact, consider rephrasing your question
to, "I have $200 to spend on eyepieces.  I have the following telescope and
eyepieces.   What would you suggest?"   Give it a try.

LINKS: If you are asking a question about a specific product I suggest you
provide a link to that product so we know exactly what you are talking
about.  For example, Orion sells the Starseeker IV 150.   Well, it turns out
there are two different telescopes that could be described by that name.
One is a 150 mm Newtonian reflector and the other is a 150 mm
Maksutov-Cassegrain.   Or someone says they just got a 4” Celestron GoTo
scope and wants to know what eyepieces to get.   Well, Celestron makes a
number of 4” GoTo scopes.   If there is no link then people will answer
based on the one they think you are asking about rather than the one you
want to know about.

If you are not in the USA, a link is even more important.   Offer a link to
a web site in your country that sells telescope equipment so we can try to
understand what things cost and what equipment is available in your country.

Part of what makes Cloudy Nights so great is that people are very happy to
help one another.  These tips just make it easier for us to help each other
or to understand what is being discussed in the thread.  I hope you find
these tips helpful.

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#3506 MikeHC8


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Posted Yesterday, 02:45 PM

Hello everyone, this is my first Post to Cloudy Nights.  My name is Mike and getting back into Astronomy again after 35 year break.  I am older now and I guess I want to enjoy visual Astronomy, and I figure I have come to the right place.  I am using binoculars now and have a telescope that I also use, but for now using binoculars mostly for now.  I need to learn and reading and asking questions.  

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#3507 konrad


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Posted Today, 10:54 AM

Welcome to CN Mike

#3508 DC-13-a


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Posted Today, 11:33 AM

Hello to the group this new "Novice."  My name is Russ and I have just purchased my first telescope since having a "toy" scope back in the mid '60's.  I am now retired and living in a relatively dark area of Texas in the Panhandle, on a farm just outside the small town of Dimmitt. (Maiden head: DM84un).  I am also an amateur radio operator, call sign: KW5KW, the only active ham in Castro county.  I have on order a Celestron 8"  NexStar Evolution 8 with Starsense and an Revolution Imager R2 from Orange County (Mike was a real help) with mounts for my Nikon camera bodies (D5200 and D7200).  It is due in the middle of the week.  I just hope I can get it going before Christmas so I can give the grandkids a star show when they get here from Dallas.  I know this will meld in with my photographic hobby, I'm just not sure how it will correlate with my radio hobby outside of tracking the ISS while talking to the astronauts (most of whom are hams also.)


Concerning photography… What programs do most people use to "stack" photos?  I currently use the FREE Gimp ( https://www.gimp.org/ ) for my photo processing needs as it is FREE.  Does anyone else use Gimp for astrophotography? If not, what free or low cost computer programs does one use?  I don't mind spending money on hardware, camera's, lens'; radio's, towers, antennas, tripods, and obviously now on telescopes, but I really dislike paying for Photoshop when Gimp does the exact same thing.


I retired from the Texas Department of Public safety as a PCO III (most people say dispatcher, but we are considered officers/operators in the department) and you can see more details at:   https://www.qrz.com/db/KW5KW


So, 73's to the group and hope to see you down the waterfall (ham speak)

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#3509 trurl



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Posted Today, 03:29 PM

Welcome DC-13-a


This is the introduction thread and would get pretty far off-topic if a lot of people responded to questions here.


The Beginning and Intermediate Imaging section seems like the best place for your questions.

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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