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Doom and Gloom Predictions of the People-ocalypse during the eclipse

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Posted 27 August 2017 - 12:40 PM



Was told to expect $6 a gallon gas in Idaho, but never saw anything over $3.  A lot of cars from Utah had gas cans strapped to their cars one unsafe way or another.


Our host in Idaho said the only thing in his area there was a run on was 'No Trespassing' signs.

#427 Joe F Gafford

Joe F Gafford


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Posted 27 August 2017 - 02:29 PM



Was told to expect $6 a gallon gas in Idaho, but never saw anything over $3.  A lot of cars from Utah had gas cans strapped to their cars one unsafe way or another.


Our host in Idaho said the only thing in his area there was a run on was 'No Trespassing' signs.

Well, that didn't happen. I did notice gas cans strapped on the top rack on a couple of vehicles that passed me on I-84. Not safe people! I arrived in Boise 5 days before and the gas was $2.47. It went up to $2.87, but no higher, as the 21st approached. As with the "No Trespassing" signs, my hosts were quite congenial. The traffic in and out of the town of Weiser, ID was no problem, that even surprised the town mayor.  



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Posted 27 August 2017 - 02:58 PM

Had a great experience in Kefauver Park, a mile south of Madisonville Tn. ( which is less than an hour south of Knoxville) From Roanoke Va I left Sunday night 11:22pm and had no trouble getting to the park as one of the first cars by 4:30am or so as I wasnt going to risk it.  The parks 200- parking slots filled by mid morning of course and they opened up the 5 to 8 acre adjoining fields for free parking. No idea of how many, but a Knoxville TV station (channel 8) was there and heard I later from my motel the figure 11,000? It did take over 2 hrs to drive the 36 miles get to my motel in Alcoa /N. Maryville about (12 miles south of Knoxville) I milked the 11am checkout time the next am. in the pool and such and figured Id be fine for the 4hr drive to Roanoke, but was caught like the others on north I 81 and ii took 8.5 hrs. Seemed like when I took side rd rt11 I should have stayed on interstate and vice versa, but prob didnt really matter. I went alone but in hindsight I would stay another night and find something to do next time.

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Posted 27 August 2017 - 04:30 PM

the thread is long and dunno if anyone mentioned it but going to glendo state park was a bit of a mistake. we left right after totality and it took 8 hours to get from glendo to cheyenne; almost 3 hours to get out of the park itself... 8 hours to drive 100 miles on I25!


so for us it was pretty bad.



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Posted 27 August 2017 - 09:10 PM

On the morning of the 20th, beginning at 6:00 AM, I traveled from Fredericksburg, VA, to Greer, SC in 8 hours - 442 miles, w/rest stops.  Traffic was heavy from Raleigh-Durham on, but it never stopped, and only slowed slightly in the (lengthy) work zones.


I stayed with a friend in Greer, and on the morning of the eclipse, we drove down I-26 to Newberry.  Traffic seemed rather light, but the rest stops were packed with eclipse viewers... bathrooms, snacks, shade, parking... perhaps they knew something we didn't?


We got to an eclipse party just southwest of Newberry and ~1 mile north of centerline, but left half-way to totality to dodge a rain cloud.  Traffic south on 121 was light, with small eclipse parties all along the route.  We ended up parked at a country store about 7 miles to the south of centerline and watched the event in a blue sky; the clouds also cleared up for the party we'd just left.  A gasoline tanker pulled off and the driver got out to watch totality with us; he had planned this route in advance!   Otherwise, we had the place to ourselves.  I will state at this point, that at totality, we found ourselves standing beneath the bane of all astronomers:  a street lamp.  Didn't even notice that detail until it got dark; we just stepped off into the field a little more to get away from it.


After totality, we continued on backroads to Washington, GA, and my friend's observatory at Deer Lick, where we spent the night.  We encountered no traffic of any consequence along the way, and next morning (the 22nd) we drove through light traffic back to Greer.


I stayed in Greer another night, and left at 6:15 AM on the 23rd for Fredericksburg, VA.  Traffic on I-85 was heavy, with a rush-hour backup at the beltway around Charlotte, NC, but I still got home in 8 hours including rest stops.


I saw nothing anywhere along the way that looked like gas-price gouging, and the Internet only seemed slow on the weather sites as everyone demanded up-to-the-instant forecasts.  We ate at Mutts in Greer on the evening of the 22nd and I can attest that there was no barbecue shortage, and it tasted fantastic!

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Posted 28 August 2017 - 05:22 PM

Folks departing the Western NC area on Eclipse Monday created a 60 mile long stretch of slow traffic.  This was mostly on a fairly good four-lane. Having been in part of it, I have no doubt that the NCDOT's estimates were correct.  My GPS showed 4 mph most of the time until I got out of the line, parked, and sacked out in the back of the camper.




(Not sure that link'll work; they really want you to subscribe.)


The traffic count in the article is mostly people who left the Cherokee, Franklin, Andrews, and Murphy areas heading east.   It doesn't include the folks who went to the Brevard and Highlands area.  They would have used a different route.  Nor would it include folks who left the area by a western or southern route (Atlanta-bound, for instance).


Jim H.

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Posted 29 August 2017 - 04:07 AM

I left my home near Tacoma, WA Friday the 18th around 2 PM.  We went over White Pass, US 12, to Yakima, WA but got stuck several times due to road construction.  Once, we were held hostage for 25 minutes before they let us go past the construction on a one lane road.


We arrived at Lime, OR around 7:30 PM having NO traffic at all, except at road construction areas.  One of these being at the bridge over the Columbia River where US 395 / I-82 cross.  The south bound bridge was reduced to one lane.  The backup was a few miles but fortunately, my Google Nav. had us rerouted and we just skirted around the big backup and merged right onto the bridge.


When we arrived at Lime, there was just one other camper parked and a sheriff deputy making the rounds ready to kick anyone off the private property or private roads.  He had his hands full come Saturday and Sunday.  By Sunday night, he and the National Guard lost control of the situation.  People camped and parked where ever they wanted to....even VERY close to the railroad tracks.


By Monday morning people were streaming in bumper to bumper, trying to find a place to park.  They were parked on the on and off ramps to the freeway, right up to the Yield sign.  When the AWESOME show was over, and by that I mean totality, these were the first to leave.  And leave they did!  We stayed for three hours packing up our gear and not hurrying a bit.  During that time, we heard reports of the Interstate being clogged in both directions.


By the time we were ready to leave, it was just normal traffic all the way to Ontario, OR and even in Boise, ID, with all of their warning signs of heavy traffic, we saw none.


In fact, in our long drive to Craters Of The Moon and then on to Yellowstone, it was just normal traffic.  Now, Yellowstone was a very different story.  It took us 15 to 20 minutes at West Yellowstone to get to the entrance booth to pay our $30 fee.  Then traffic wound around the highway to the big loop drive and a lot of scenic areas were full up.  Still, we had a great time at Yellowstone for two days.


The drive back to Washington through Montana and Idaho was again just normal traffic.

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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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