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USConverters serial WiFi adapter

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Posted 20 September 2020 - 09:46 PM

It has been a while since I used this setup so I tried it out again this morning with my ETX-105. Here is how I have mine setup:


Wifi adapter:  switch set to DTE

MIni gender changer connected to the adapter with the phone jack

cable from adapter to Autostar controller (mine is a coiled / stretchy cable about 5-6 feet long when stretched out)


I am using an iPad Air2 on iOS 11.4

I am using SkySafari 5 Pro



- power on and align ETX without it connected to WiFi adapter

- once alignment is done, connect WiFi adapter and power it on

- on iPad join the WiFi network for the serial adapter

- hit the info button on th WiFi network to get the router address (not IP address)

- on SkySafari, go to Settings - Telescope and choose your scope type. 

- Auto-Detect SkyFi is off

- in the IP address field, put the router address from the WiFi adapter network (not its IP address)

- in the port number field, I have 5000 (not sure if I had set that or it was the default)

- the “readout rate” is set to 4 per second (don’t know if that matters)


Note: I just tried this with my iPhone 7 Plus and all worked as well. 


Here are the settings on the WiFi adapter:

Default IP address for changing setting -

default username & password - admin


9600 baud rate

8 data bits

data parity - none

Stop bits - 1

Flow Control - none

RS485 - Disable


operation mode - Socket

connection type - TCP

transmit timer - 100


sever/client mode - Server

Server listening port - 5000

tcp connections - 1 (Awats suggestion try 2 or more)


Static IP Seetings

static IP address - this is the one used in SkySafari to connect the scope. This shows as the router address in network settings on iPad. 

Static default gateway - this shows as the IP address in the network setting on iPad 

Static subnet mask -

static dns server - (default???)


DHCP Settings

DHCP client - Enable

DHCP server - Enable

DHCP Server IP Pool Start - same as Static Default Gateway above

DHCP Server IP Pool End - same as above but last 3 digits changed to .10


DHCP server leaves time - 43200



I hope this this helps you get connected. I have also used this with my 10” LX200R. I just have to switch the cable used to connect the scope to the WiFi adapter and change the telescope settings in the SkySafari app to the LX200.

Here's something to try if you are having problems and you've verifed everything is connected correctly, you've done an alignment and SkiSafari 6 complains that it can connect but not control the scope. Set the TCP Connections to 2 or greater.


I am using an Autostar 497 with the Meade 505 cable and a gender swap to connect to the USConverters WA232E adapter. Knowing that my StarGPS connects to the 497 fine, I knew the 497 would talk on the serial port. After checking, checking, rechecking, trying a different 505, I final started with the long shot stuff (ports, etc.)


Switching the TCP connections from 1 to 2 made it work. I am not sure why frankly (and I understand the communication) but it's consistent. If I flip it back to 1, it quits working.


Also, contrary to some notes and docs, you don't need to align before the scope will response to commands via the Wi-Fi serial but it won't have a clue where it's at. I think that is what they really mean but the wording makes it sound like you must align or the 497 will ignore commands from the WI-fi. This makes testing easier. Finally, sending time and date from SkiSafari does work.


I'm curious if this fixes others connection but no control issue with an iPad and SS.

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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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