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Sketching Contest with Sample Format Starting December 2017

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Posted 29 November 2017 - 01:07 PM



In the past we have had the Sketching&Imaging Contest as a way for us to show off what we are doing.  For now, that contest is not occurring so in the Sketching Forum, we are going to begin having a monthly Sketching Contest that is for this forum only.  The winner will not move on to a site wide poll versus imagers, as this is a contest just for sketching members in the Sketching Forum.  The rules are below. To try to summarize basically, you may submit one sketch per month in to the contest, and can list your equipment, location, conditions and other required items under your sketch.  On the 1st of each month, we will take the submissions and create a poll where members of the site may vote through the 15th of the month on which sketch they like the best.  On the 16th of the next month, the winner of the poll will have their sketch displayed in the Monthly Sketching Contest Winner thread that we will create and claim the honor of Sketcher of the Month!  You may only win once every 3 months and sketches submitted for the contest must have been done in the 3 months prior. We would also request that you have posted the sketch in the forum prior to submitting it for the contest.  All other contest rules must be followed and as always, contest rules may change at anytime and without notice. 


We are hoping this will be a fun way to highlight the wonderful work being done by Sketchers in our community while also promoting the hobby of Astronomical Sketching. No comments on sketches submitted for the contest and if an are posted, they will be removed immediately by a moderator or administrator. Here are the rules: 


Welcome to the Cloudy Nights Sketching Contest!

Over the years, we’ve noticed and continue to notice that we have exceptional talent in our forum, and we’ve decided that we would like to show it off. Each month CloudyNight members will choose an overall winner, and that winning sketch will be displayed in a pinned thread at the top of the Sketching Forum called Monthly Sketching Contest Winner.


How to enter

* Post your Sketch in the Sketching Forum during the month and before submitting it to contest. 

* Please visit our Sketching Forum and submit an sketch in the general thread there called "Month/Year Monthly Sketching Contest Entry" (it will have the month and year before it like December 2017 Monthly Sketching Contest Entry)
* Submissions". Sketchers may submit ONLY ONE sketch per month to the contest. Any more submitted will have all submissions disqualified (see #2 below).  
* Each month sketches will be submitted for users to vote on. The winner will be determined in a site-wide poll posted in the Sketching Forum for our users to determine which sketch is the best of the group.
* Moderators are listed by the forum name, and additionally their name or handle appears in green. Please contact them if you have any questions. Contest rules are subject to change without notice.

Contest Rules (as of 12/2/2017)


1. Entries in the Sketching forum must be an image of a sketch. Please state on your entry your medium used for creating your sketch. 
2. Entrants may submit one sketch for consideration for that calendar month by participating in the CN Sketching Contest. Entrants that submit more than one entry will have all submissions disqualified.
3. All entries must be sketched within the 3 months prior to the contest date. For example, if the contest month is February, the images must be captured from November 1 through to the date of your submission in February. The name of the object must be included in the submission.
4. Please include the equipment used: scope, or sketch media/Focal reducers/Barlows/Eyepiece/Magnification...whatever, as well as the date and your location.
5. Entries must conform in all respects with the site wide image posting requirements. No image of a sketch is allowed that is more than 1600 x 1200px and 500kb in size.  Entries that do not meet these criteria will be disqualified at the time of polling. It is the contestant's responsibility to ensure compliance with these requirements - although a moderator or administrator may alert a contestant to a possible problem in this area, they are not bound to do so.
6. Please do not post comments in the entries thread it’s just for these wonderful sketches you all will be submitting.
7. You must be the owner or co-owner and sole operator of the equipment used to create the image/sketch. Doesn't matter what it is. 20" RC, ETX70, 2" Tasco or an 8" TMB or a 72 inch reflector. No sketches from club owned equipment will be allowed. No pay by the hour rent-a-scope sketch will be allowed.
8. Entries must represent the work of a single individual. You must setup and operate all equipment yourself, perform any sketching yourself. An exception to the set up requirement is granted if the participant is physically incapable of setting up their equipment due to disability.
9. A given user can only win once every 2 months.
10. Deadline for submissions will be midnight on the last day of the month. Site voting takes place from the 1st through the 15th of the following month. The winner will be posted in the Monthly Sketching Contest Winner thread no later than the 16th of the following month. 


I will post a couple of examples here: 




Entry by: Jay Eads 

Date: April 18th, 2015

Object: NGC 4038&4039 The Antennae Galaxies in Corvus 

Location: Forest Road 006, Juniper Grove, Utah West Desert 

Equipment: 17.5" Dob, 10mm & 5mm Pentax XW; Paracorr Type II 

Magnification: 214x, 450x 

Sketching Medium: Mellish Method, Black Paper with White Gel Pen and Pastel Chalk and Brushes. 

Object Type: Deep Sky Object/Galaxies 

Conditions: Antoniadi I, calm sky, great seeing & transparency 


This would be the reply post to the one above: 




Entry by: Jay Eads
Date: February 25th, 2017 
Object: NGC 2207 & IC 2163 merging Galaxies in Canis Major
Location: Forest Road 006, Juniper Grove, Utah West Desert
Equipment: 17.5" Dob, 5mm & 3.5mm Pentax XW; Paracorr Type II
Magnification: 450x, 643x
Sketching Medium: Digital done in GIMP using Mellish Method Sketch done in the field.
Object Type: Deep Sky Object/Galaxies
Conditions: Antoniadi I, calm sky, great seeing & transparency




Entry by: Jay Eads
Date: May 9th, 2016
Object: Sol and Mercury in the Transit of Mercury 
Location: Herriman, Utah 

Equipment: Lunt LS80THA Solar Telescope, 10mm & 7mm Pentax XW
Magnification: 53x & 76x 
Sketching Medium: Mellish Method, Black Paper using Color Pastel Chalk, Brushes and Pastel Pencils.
Object Type: Solar System
Conditions: Antoniadi 2, calm sky, good conditions. 


For now for under your submission please use this format for providing information on your sketch and keeping it rather uniformed for the information. Please no comments as those will be removed. Comments and be offered in your post in the General Section of the Sketching Forum when you post the image before submitting it. 


Entry by: 
Date of Sketch: 
Object (give designation, name etc.):   
Sketching Medium:.
Object Type (DSO, Solar, Lunar, Planetary, etc):


If you have questions you can PM me or Susan or Jeff (currently the mods in the forum).  We hope you find this exciting. 


CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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