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skywatcher 150p star discovery

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#1 Stopforths



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Posted 25 June 2018 - 02:40 AM

I'm not a novice but couldn't resist buying one of these scopes to have a good play with and use as a guick look scope.


I had a fine 150mm skywatcher on an eq3 a few years back and recall the optics were very good albeit with better eyepieces etc.


Its arrived and I've had an initial play some thoughts hey its a cheap scope

-finder is very cheap but I suppose only needs to find 2 stars and thats it but its really just rubbish and will be thrown away.

-focuser is cheaper than earlier version a bit stiff but does the job

-primary mirror is nonadjustable but collimation is spot on.

-eyepieces supplied are very average with field curvature and coma a real issue.  I'll be parting with these they are 62 degrees but should be about 40 the edge is that bad in both the 23 and 10mm.

-seems to point well and has similar software to my eq6AZ easy to use off the mark so to speak.

-tripod seemed to me  to look  a tad flimsy but is stronger ie more rigid than it looks a bit of a surprise there.


views with very average eyepieces ok only gives me 30 x and 75 x.  Field curvature or coma on the moon is bad even at 75 X the 10mm eyepiece is that bad.

Went to a williams optics 7mm 82 degree and the views were greatly improved   Excellent startest when cooled no sign of zones and virtually identical each side of focus plus a real snap into focus.


Jupiter at only 107 times showed plenty and showed lots of promise cloud stopped any further viewing tother than the moon antares and jupiter.


really simple to use lovely to look at.  Lots of plastic for each end of the tube but functional.  My old skywatcher 150 was capable of showing great detail on jupiter at 150-180 x and saturn 250 x plus.  It was basically every bit as good on the planets as my rather good 5 inch f-9 achromat I hold hopes I have a similar optic here so far so good.   


this one does seems to have a good startest  I'll give it a chance to do its thing over next few nights and report back.


secondary seems a bit smaller than I recall in the other version which had a 47mm secondary.  I'll measure that.


Phil Barker


Hokitika NZ

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#2 rogeriomagellan


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Posted 28 June 2018 - 02:32 PM

Hi, Phil.


If you had bought the new version, it would've come with a 2" dual-speed Crayford focuser. 



#3 Phil Barker

Phil Barker

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Posted 28 June 2018 - 03:48 PM

yep I had one of those previously and stupidly sold it to buy another scope.


I can report however an update on the scope had a few nice sessions with it.

First the finder useless piece of plastic thrown away and replaced with a nice 6 x 30mm celestron with real optics.


The 6 x 24mm was stopped down and stars were no brighter than with the naked eye it was rubbish.


To the focuser its ok reasonably smooth a bit stiff but I've relubed it and adjusted the tension and  it works Ok even at high power no backlash and goes ok at 200 plus.


The eyepieces they aren't flash for an f5 newt big field curvature not sharp and gone.   They work ok in the sw180 by the way all eyepieces work at f15 it has to be said.


The mount is ok when level and 2 star alignment   with accurate data it points well.  I sink it on an object to get better accuracy.  drives are quiet and it handles the scope well except at high power when legs extended which I like doing.  basically its a bit unstable at higher power not so bad when legs down and you are seated.


Straight to the OTA very nice optics they are low expansion glass and primary is non adjustable but collimation is right on the money.  This scope cools fast much much faster than a mak Cass.   focus snaps into focus.  spider causes diffraction spikes and they are a bit on the thick side but that doesn't bother me.


Also the tube is minimal in length and with the moon near mars straylight affects the image I'll need a lightshade for the end by the looks.  It was a full moon last night.  Mars was great at 225 X really snapped into focus the duststorm is robbing us of detail a bit but beautiful image of the disc etc.  Saturn was really impressive lots of contrast and very sharp nice ring detail.  I'm in the south island of New Zealand it was virtually overhead here.


OK not quite as sharp as the vixen 115ed but close and beautifully corrected.  Better colour obviously through more aperture on Saturn and Jupiter than the 115 but a tad less contrast on the finer stuff but a fine image.


Star test really shows the optics are good virtually identical each side of focus and no zones or roughness visible


Nice resolution on globs even with full moon clearly a lot brighter than the 115ed.  I had the Vixen next to it on an eq6 and the 6 inch newt was brighter.


looked at alpha centaurus in both scopes and star pattern leaner in the high end Vixen.  31% obstruction in Newt means more light in the diffraction rings but hey its still a fine sight in both scopes.


Overall except for the cheap eyepieces and finder the scope is excellent.  Quick cooldown good optics good pointing skywatcher are onto a winner with this.  Also the tube is manageable its not 4 feet long and easy to get in the car etc.

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#4 Stopforths



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Posted 01 July 2018 - 11:51 PM

newt.jpg Here's a picture of the scope on the deck ready to go.  Note the eyepiece height with tripod at lowest setting.  Ideal for sitting down very comfortable indeed.  Using rke eyepiece 15mm owned that for 36 years still a good eyepiece.  Really like a 21mm hyperion with this scope also almost 2 degrees excellent wide field view a little soft on the edges due to coma but not too bad at all.


Took scope out to a darksite and found it pointed and performed very well indeed for a deepsky setup.


IC2602 is called the southern Pleiades and it was framed beautifully with my 21mm hyperion.  Omega centaurus resolved nicely eta carina was superb with a 16mm uwan.  Good viewing all round.   Nice sharp images bright for the aperture no sign of any skyflooding etc.  Very quick to setup fast to cool and easy to use ticks a few boxes.  Went to around 187.5 on jupiter and saw some nice detail earlier in the evening grs very easy to make out. My 7 inch sw Mak would show a bit more detail on Jupiter no surprises there with 3 cm more aperture but it doesn't disgrace itself the little newt and is far more capable on deep sky.

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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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