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Decline of EAA

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Posted 24 January 2019 - 08:23 PM

Change the name and move the forum. Work out the rules later if you must.


Well if nothing else this topic gets things moving on cold day.  The wheels on this bus go round and round but we never arrive. The discussion moves around leans this way or that, but mostly this forum just consults the Monty Python Department of Silly Names, and the rules more or less logically derive.


Normally I would try for a reasoned post, respecting our history here and bringing as needed logic and learned dissertations. But most of us have already rounded that block so here it is. with out embroidery;  Change the name and move the forum. Work out the rules later if you must.


I do almost entirely observational imaging or live imaging or observational AP etc. Two minutes of 8s images or 45 minutes of 120s images, it is all one. I am at the controls and watching the images on the display.


It ain't video and I don't own (or associate with) an experimental aircraft.


If you are new and seeking help good luck finding this place. If you search on "video astronomy" (CN is #13 after a site featureing a Mallincam Micro. Take a look at the wiki and the painful attempt to differentiate this from those other imagers.


I was inspired here and still get useful information here, but  I am finding good information in the regular imaging forums as the hardware converges. 


It  would be a step forward to call it something that has observation and camera or imaging.  Put in in Imaging or Observation with a title that links the range. Observing with a Camera is not a new moniker but a good one; for a greater sense  of immediacy add live and get Live Observing with a Camera.


Allow as we do now discussions of equipment and techniques. Change rules on posting an image. Images must present as accurately as possible the images as viewed  on the display during the observation o allow post processing if disclosed. in either case hardware and software used, exposers and number of images. 


A much less ambiguous title, a higher place on the list, relaxed image rules and just maybe this topic will wither.


Night vision. Night vision could be said to be a form of observation and a form of imaging and it certainly is in the moment. I see no reason why it should not be included. But if I was a NV person, I might want an NV forum. Unless the world is upside down that is a trivial change to a data base. Finding and moving existing posts might be a job, but if there isn't anyone to do it then just start fresh.


Change the name and move the forum, do us and the new guys a favor and we can discuss the philosophy later. When I hear someone who is a dedicated and competent practitioner and proponent of what we do curl the lip and scornfully gaze at the mention of this forum, well it is sad. And please note this was not at a Mallincam fest or the northern NSN.



Best and kindest regards for the forum, the mods and the members.





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will w


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Posted 24 January 2019 - 10:34 PM

popcorn.gif  Has some of whats ben said here ben said some where else in the EAA forum before?  If i remember right this forum has ben renamed 2 or 3 times.I am not really sure who it was that changed the name.though  It started out as a video forum. There were diffrent types of video cams back then that were in this forum. Most cameras were CCD back then. Now you have CCD and CMOS cameras that are being used here. The software used today is not like was 10 years ago. Its gotten better than it was back then. The CCD and CMOS chips that are in the cameras made today have trade offs. CCD is faster. Less resolution. CMOS is slower. More resolution. That has all ready ben stated in this forum. I dont think some people thought about the trade offs between a CCD and CMOS cameras when they bought them.Most people use now the CMOS cameras, but there still some CCD cameras  used today. The exposure time has ben changed to 5 minutes in EAA. Unless i read wrong. I guess that was done to accommodate the CMOS cameras used here. Then comes the time thing here. 5 minutes.. Is it video or AP. From reading everyone has their take on what AP time is.For the  (Night Vision)  scopes here. They have ben around a lot longer than the cameras we use. And yes they belong here in the EAA forum, because they use a battery. At least the one i used in the army did.To me NV is real time viewing.It is a differnt dog here, but it does show you the night sky very well. Nuff said .. will w


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Posted 25 January 2019 - 12:43 AM

First of all, my thanks to the moderators of the EAA forum for permitting this discussion to proceed unhindered and to indulge us all in carrying out this conversation. However, like all things, an end must come. All points have been noted but in the end it comes down to:


The title of the forum is EAA Observation and Equipment. The description of the forum explains very well what EAA is about. No amount of name changing will - uh - change posting practices and bring back - ahem - "the good old days". Believing anything different is not in par with the reality of the situation. Neither will pushing it up in the list of forums. What is this? Facebook or Twitter or some other social media exercise and we need to increase the page views of EAA and market it?


132 posts including this one, but have you all noticed how many people frequent the EAA forum and are perfectly happy the way it is? The majority of members are happy the way things are. So, if the majority prefers it this way, why change it? To accommodate the few? Is that fair and just?


Why is the forum in Specialty Forums? Well, the majority of members prefer a discussion on equipment and prefer posting images. Therefore it could not be under observational forums as there is not much observing being discussed. However, we all observe, so it shouldn't be under Imaging forums. And there is a ton of equipment discussions. Know that there were other scenarios on the table for the EAA forum when there was a huge bruhaha last year. This, was the least painful option.


If you wish it to be a truly observational forum and have it go under observation forums, then make it one! Take the time to post your observations and add images to enhance your posts! I stress, it is UP TO YOU TO MAKE THE CHANGE. Don't ask for arbitrary changes but avoid doing the work. Be the change that you ask.


A change which will be discussed immediately with the admin team is to amend the description to refer to analog devices. Yes, admittedly analog devices are used, be it "trad" EAA or "NV" EAA.


Thank you all and let's pick this one up again when the forum changes in nature, becomes what you want it and then we can - in good conscience - make some of the changes proposed.


CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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