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Anyone use Zenmarket or Buyee.jp?

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#1 Eric P

Eric P

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Posted 12 February 2019 - 08:47 AM

Any opinions between these two Yahoo Japan intermediaries?  I found a part that I would like for my ancient Tak mount using Buyee.  Is it just a simple win auction, pay for item + service fee plus a shipping invoice that comes later when the item arrives at Buyee's warehouse?



#2 Esso2112


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Posted 12 February 2019 - 12:58 PM

I’ve used ZenMarket and that is pretty much how it works. ZenMarket does require the funds up front before bidding, which can be a pain. I have had good luck with their shipping.

Like you, I have been able to find rare Tak parts that I couldn’t get here.
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#3 Van Do9:3

Van Do9:3

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Posted 12 February 2019 - 02:28 PM



I recently tried out ZM to experience their process. I have no experience with Buyee, but it appears to be identical in terms of auction listing. Other CN'ers will hopefully add to this posting as well.


Quick bullet ZM points:

- You have to put monies up front into your account in order to place a bid (put in what you are willing to pay to win + ZM handling (typically = 1,00n Yen or $10) + estimated shipping cost(s). If you don't win, you will be refunded the monies you deposited into your account after 180 days.


- Place a bid and/ or then Snipe your max bid. ZM will automatically place your Snipe for you. Their auctions usually end very early like 1:00am or so due to time zone difference.


- Be very aware of what you are bidding on and if you need additional info or photos, ask ZM. They are good about responding and in English. Read all of the descriptions and disclosures.


- Should you win, ZM will alert the lister, and the lister will send the item to the ZM warehouse. This is where you may be paying 2x shipping. Once received at the ZM warehouse, they will process and prep for shipping. They will alert you on the shipping choices and costs. It's odd but you may want 'Requires Ground' shipping as this may be the most cost effective shipping, but all depends on weight and size of the item(s). If you get the buying fever and win several items, wait until all items arrive at the ZM warehouse and ship as a bundled package. This may be cheaper in terms of shipping cost. The final cost of shipping is from ZM warehouse to your destination. So be ware of shipping cost. Again, read up as much as you can on the website information they provide.


- Lastly, beware of possible fungus, mold due to neglect or poor storage on part of the lister. Japan is in a humid climate zone. So check out all the photos if possible and if not, request additional.


- Almost forgot, check with your local accountant but your item(s) may be subject to import to customs fees and ZM puts that responsibility on you to research and pay if applicable.


ZM is a very user friendly site and most of the Q+As are straight forward. Very addictive. 


That's all I can think of at the moment. Again, hopefully other more experienced CN'ers will contribute to this thread. Good luck.

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#4 Steve_M_M



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Posted 12 February 2019 - 02:45 PM

Great information above.  A couple more items I have noticed


  • Change the listing back to japanese and then copy and paste the ad verbage into google translator.  I have found that the zenmarket translator sometimes does not translate very well even when it appears to have done so.
  • Many foreign buyers are now using ZenMarket.  Don't expect to get a great deal.  Watch your excitement level  smile.gif  But, you can get some amazing parts that you thought you would never get, i.e. a hand controller for an old HD-4 motor drive.
  • Shipping EMS seems to be best for cost, but also for speed, especially getting through customs.  And, I have yet to be charged any import taxes.
  • You can request a refund of your money at any time.  I have stepped away from the feeding frenzy and asked them for a refund which was done within a few minutes back to my credit card I used with Paypal.
  • Sniping is not like sniping with Ebay as the auction just resets for 5 minutes after a snipe bid.  I have seen this go on for 2 hours.
  • For searching, start to type "Telescope" until the word telescope (camera,optics equipment) shows up and click on that.  After the search, filter by used.  I then usually sort by price or number of bids.  You can also set price ranges.  I found when I tried to specifically search for something like an Tak Spaceboy counterweight, I missed them as the search parameters could not keep up with the japanese language variations.
  • Send anything with mold to Rolo, he is a master smile.gif

Here is one with all the fixin's.  Expect shipping of $120.  But, it is screaming danger.  https://zenmarket.jp...Code=s644173373

Here is what a Rolo special looks like  https://zenmarket.jp...Code=h378768152 but in the end, might be a great deal regardless.

One of these went for under $400 last weekend.  Shipping will run close to $200 for everything here  https://zenmarket.jp...Code=w294871381

And then here is one to drool over  https://zenmarket.jp...Code=w285838096

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#5 Eric P

Eric P

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Posted 12 February 2019 - 04:03 PM

Thanks for the info guys. For owners of older Tak gear these auctions are an absolute godsend.
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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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