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New f/15 CFF 300 -- almost here

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Posted 22 April 2019 - 10:58 PM

Well, the telescope has arrived! Packaging appears to be in excellent shape. I'll need to organize a side-by-side setup with the A-P 130mm Starfire GTX.  Yeah, that's a pretty fancy finderscope for the new reflector.


In the end Catalin and I agreed to stick with the straight spider. He was worried about the fragility of the curved spider design should the telescope be mishandled at some point.


If all goes well I'll have first light Monday and will report back. I'll do the standard checks for collimation and any optical aberrations. If seeing is adequate I'll check out some double stars. Let me know if there is anything else I should do for the initial reporting.



We've got some clear weather in Maryland tonight (Monday night - first light night with the new CFF), with good seeing beginning at ~1 am according to Clear Sky Chart. Hopefully, you have a day off from work tomorrow. My research tells me there is a very nasty stomach flu originating in Eastern Europe that negatively impacts sufferers 24 to 72 hours after high pressure systems are in place, and seeing is projected to be in the 4 to 5 range on CSC. There isn't much literature on this very serious illness, but I can provide some if you need a doctor's note: 


"Furthermore, I fully expect sudden onsets (and consequent rapid recoveries) of symptoms to continue over the next several months, usually concurrent with high pressure systems and stagnant air masses over the Mid-Atlantic region. Likely peak times for onset of symptoms will occur right this very moment, and in the days and weeks around 10 June and 9 July. This is the second instance of peak infection rates and manifestation of symptoms of Rotavirus ("stomach flu") in the local adult population centered almost exactly around outer planet opposition times. If our models are correct, we fully expect a new onset of symptoms to occur around 13 October 2020. MJB will need at least 2 days to process imag...recover after the onset of symptoms."  


Regardless of however it is you need to get out of work, don't post any new telescope images to social media or share anything with colleagues. Stick to a very understanding Cloudynights audience if you need to spill the beans and share your excitement. lol.gif



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Posted 23 April 2019 - 12:25 AM

This thread is worthless without pics. cool.gif

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Posted 23 April 2019 - 08:40 AM

Catalin is waiting for clear skies to test out the new telescope. If all goes well, I'll have it installed by the end of the month and will report back on its performance -- weather permitting.


attachicon.gif 2AA374A8-31B2-4281-B1D8-E8329B97EFBE.jpeg


This will be mounted side-by-side with my Astro-Physics 130mm GTX.  Total weight will be about 85-90lbs.  George assures me the AP1100 mount can handle it.


Given historical precedent, fellow observers in the Maryland area can expect cloudy skies for an extended period starting late April, exactly as the new telescope arrives. Just the way things seem to work out smile.gif

Congrats!   I've owned a CFF350 CC for the past 4 years now.  Mac also has one has one as he stated in a previous post here.  


I've used mine extensively for planetary imaging where it has many advantages IMO over other designs.  It's a great scope.



CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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