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First light with quark

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Posted 15 June 2019 - 03:04 PM

Hello All,

I got to try out my new quark on a celestron 102 SLT refractor that I am modifying (new focuser, etc). As with my LS50, I have it piggybacked  on my Evo 8. It looks ridiculous and totally overloaded but the quark/refractor actually weighs less than the Lunt (those little things are heavy!)

Anyway, for a first try, I was able to get a pretty good image but the quark tuner didn't seem to have much effect. I went from all the way CW to all the way CCW in about 2-3 click increments and I waited for a green light each time.  I saw proms and a bit of surface detail pretty much all the time but not much of a noticeable difference along the way. The image was larger than in the Lunt but the surface detail was about what I would see in single stack mode. I only have experience with the pressure tuner on the Lunt and there is a huge difference between in tune and out of tune so I was assuming the same thing here. Any thoughts?  I am wondering if this is too much aperture for the my conditions so I was going to try to reduce to 80 mm and see if that helps.

Also, since the tuning process can take quite a bit of time with 5 minute waits at each step, I was wondering/hoping if you can typically find a good setting and just leave it for the next session. Is this possible or just wishful thinking?  My sessions are usually pretty short with only having a 30-60 minute window after work before the sun slips behind a roofline and the Lunt was about as grab and go as you can get.



#2 spereira



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Posted 15 June 2019 - 03:21 PM

Congratulations on your new Quark!


I purchased my Quark (chromosphere) a year ago in the spring, prior to NEAF.  I have only done visual observing with it on my TV-85.  Early on, I experimented with the settings, going one or two clicks at a time in each direction, and waiting for the green light before taking a look.  I also saw very little or no difference to my eye.  Since, I've left the setting knob at the 12:00 position and had great results pretty much every time out, except for when the seeing is too difficult.


I generally can only observe in the spring-summer-fall time span.  Not usually in the winter.  I've wondered if the warmer ambient is what may make the adjustments unneeded?  Since I've never been out in below freezing temperatures (or lower), perhaps someone else might have an opinion about lower temperatures?


Just my personal experience - I'm not saying it's optimal.



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Posted 15 June 2019 - 04:47 PM

On my Quark prominence, one click makes a HUGE difference in visible surface details! And it only takes a few minutes to see the result. Naturally, you need to wait longer for the initial warmup process, but I plug it in indoors and turn it on, so that it can warm up, while I set up the scope. 


On my sample, the tuner needs to be turned all the way down to show surface details best. On warm summer days, I need to turn it off now and then, so it can cool off a little. 



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Thomas, Denmark

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Posted 15 June 2019 - 05:26 PM

Mine is the same experience as smp. I have good views of proms and the surface, so no complaints. But turning the knob does nothing. I guess it just depends upon the nature of that chunk of mica in the etalon.

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Posted 15 June 2019 - 09:48 PM

I find that some days are just better than others.  The seeing makes a BIG difference with more aperature.  I've had days when the views were very washed out and others when it took my breath away.  Keep at it and eventually you will have that aha moment. 

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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