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My OSP 2019

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Posted 06 August 2019 - 12:00 PM

It was my 4’th OSP, and this year it was competition on going to Italy with my girlfriend or Namibia ( Hakos ).

I decided to go with some from the club here from Sweden to Hakos astro farm.
South sky was calling and idea was to rent their 24” Dobson.
But the trip want cancelled, so was I going alone on to the 24” ?

I mailed to Mel Bartels on sky condition that had been great, and I also mailed to Chris Tribe if he had his new 36” ready ( but said no ).
So with that in mind Italy was ongoing, but then OSP become harder to refuse, so the trip to go over was in the last minute ( and Italy will be in September instead, so all parts agree )


1 week off only so at tuff schedule, so it started from Falun about 2.5 hours drive north of Stockholm in the early night of 28’th.
Flight was 29’th at 6.30.
Then 1.5 hours to Amsterdam and then wait for some hours and then direct to Seattle ( as flight was more decent in price than to Portland, still very expensive )
Then a 10 hours flight over.
Got the car out but updated it to a BMW X3 instead as I got a way to small car.

-So when I got to the hotel in Centralia ( between Seattle and Portland ) one was punched out real hard !

Next day I purchased tent etc at Wal-Mart and drove to Prineville as I fixed a hotel there.
Got there in good time so I visit Nate at Aurora Precision.
Nice shop and nice wives to Cascades.
When I came up to site on Wednesday I heard that night was excellent, so SQM readings over 22 and good seeing.


-I set up the tent and said hello to friends.
OSP is a dusty place but one like it.
-Good to be back !

Meet Chris first and he said Ed was there with the Elvira. ( great news )
At the big Dob pit Howard Banish, Chuck/Judy, Steve and Dave etc was located as usual.
Tom Osypowski was there to, and I has not meet him since 2015.
I had real fun in Steve’s 22” f/3.3 with a Kennedy optic’s last year.
( Steve plays techno music ) and that is great as I’m alone on LaPalma top in December on my trips there, so techno was a great company as one can get real spooked there alone...
Chuck told me last year he know what I was talking about !


Jimi Lowrey and wife Connie and Paul and Debbie I meet direct so it was fun news they was there to.
We observed in Steerns Mountains before the eclipse 2017 and had a great time there ( we had one night inc black we all remember )
Dan Gray was not there as he was at Stellafane I heard.
-I always enjoy hang around his 28 as that was one of the first scopes I ever observed in and learned Andromeda, M27, M57 where they was located.


The 4 nights there was all good ( no smokes this year ) and SQM was around 21.65 on my unit, but Howards unit showed 0.2 more than mine side by side.
Seeing was not maybe the best but all ok, and from where I’m ( 62 degree ) I can’t complain.
After all I’m there get ideas, learn new fun objects and the social thing.


It’s allot of scopes there but I remember a real nice Starmaster I saw 2017 with a CZ 14” f/5.
We had a great observing together now and I brought a Ethos 10 mm we used, as it was a sweat spot to scope.
Mirror has great contrast, so that is nice work in a telescope like that.
Owner and wife is real nice people, and I hope to see them again in future.


One bino that got my attention was Robert Asumendi's 8 inch 3D printed binocular telescope and that will be on sale for public now.
Real sharp and fun to use and set-up time is seconds. ( check it up )
I wish him well on that one !
It was fun to see his small kids working on the bino !


The talk I was at was Lowry on faint thing out there and Ed’s on his fans solution on Elvira.
And a talk on exoplanets and comets that might get here and how we might can solve that.

Mel Bartels had his walkabout on Friday.
Night before I was observing with him on the fast 25” and I brought my Nikon HW 17/14 mm.
Mel did like the 17 mm and last night he used the 14 mm lens. ( all good to )
Several was there to check in the IFN.
It’s really a great views.

Mel learned me a new planetary ( NGC 6210 )
Me and Tom went over several clusters and the object I can’t see as Swan, Trifid. Lagoon, M22 etc, and we also did several nice colour dual stars
Tom was no fan if the 100 degree EP and in one way he might be correct vs how the human eye works.


We compared the Nikon 17 mm on Dave’s 22” f/4.5 ( Swayze optics ) and he used a Delos 17 mm.
I think the Nikon is a hair sharper, as many does, but Steve and Dave might thought Delos was sharper ( in Dave’s scope )
I can say it was pretty equal.
In my case I like the 100 degree, but all this is personal.


Jim showed me a faint galaxy in Howards scope that was 3 B LY away, but It shore was faint but it was there !
I saw also some other faint stuff in the 28”.
Welcome to my world ’candy man’ said Lowrey !
It always fun be ground him in observing  ;-)


Chris Tribe went home on last night so I had not really a good chance see more in his nice CZ Quartz 20” f/4.5 CF made scope.


Oh, then we has Ed’s Elvira ;-)
I saw Chris at the coffee trailer at midnight and he said ; Hank, don’t go there...
I did a short stop the first afternoon and saw the magnificent work Ed did.
Notice the clutch idea and this scope has so much details so I left it out in this report ;-)
After all I read all on it here at CN so I l knew some.


-But how did it perform ?
At f/2.75 one might think it’s to much of a compromise especially at mid and higher power.
As so fast Ed can go into around 600X whit the EP less a barlow.
I don’t know what object he was into when I came over as first time I was knocked out ;-))

Scope is first of all great to use and max diameter vs foot on ground.
So smooth seeing it around and I like the handle and the screen whit a Telrad circles.
The views is sharp and great contrast and nice stars.
We pumped it max on Blue Planetary, and as sky was not the best the image was nice.
Contrast is not behind a real good f/4.5 at 15”-20”.


Ed showed the night vision and it is shore is cool ( one see way more details on object as ex Lagoon ) but for me it is more like a ’desert’ in deep sky observing.
But M42 and the horse head must be real cool !
We had it on the Taffy galaxy’s in Pegasus, but object like that it does not pick up.


Ed did a great work on this telescope and he is also great to show his scope ( hat off for Ed )


Last object at OSP was eastern Veil in Howards 28” at 135X ( 24 mm plus the P2 )
It shore was stunning !!
Never seen those details before in it.
Mirror has his new silvering, and it do perform.


I had a great week and I’m back home now.

Thank’s to all friends out there and I hope see U soon again.

I got the idea bring my 18” over next year and Steve will hold a spot for me, so let’s see.

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Posted 06 August 2019 - 08:43 PM

Sorry I did not get to spend more time with you but very happy you had a great time. Hope to see you next year and that I have my 34" done.

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Posted 08 August 2019 - 05:42 PM

It was great talking with you at OSP and fun to read your report--I was stuck in my booth the whole time and missed the opportunity to walk around :) 

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Posted 27 August 2019 - 09:08 PM



Thanks for the hands-on viewing & use report of Elvira.  Sorry we didn't spend more time on more challenging objects but as you know I was slammed with so many good folks wanting a look I kept reverting to "outreach mode"  with the eye-candy.  Even so OSP was a lot fun so maybe next year...  


Chris, maybe next time around I'll get a chance to drop by for a peek though your CZ 20 or the 34/2.89 beast if it's ready!  



CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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