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Is the EQ6-R Pro The Way To Go?

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Posted 03 December 2019 - 09:04 PM

I've been trying to take the high road on some of the comments in this thread... but now, for the second time, I'm effectively being called a liar... **** is going on, here? 


I said I'd owned a Skyview mount in the past, how is that making a comparison to modern day mounts??


I said budget wasn't a consideration, how could it be if I went from considering buying an EQ6 to buying an CEM40 before reconsidering my needs for a lighter mount?


I never said I give a rats rear for GoTo, I asked how one fitted into a scale of the others.


And lastly, I KNOW that more weight equals more stability because I've been hanging things off of tripods and lighting stands for my entire career. 


Seriously, can the mods shut this dumpster fire of a weird thread?

Gonna add a bit more weirdness for you... the LX85 has a quirk you need to know about and check for IF you go that route... Meade somehow screwed up the AUX ports on the LX85 and it's sister LX65 mounts.  The power poles are inverted in the AUX sockets making any normal accessories un-usable unless you make a dongle to change the polarity to correct wiring.  This is only for the AUX port, not the Handbox or port on bottom of the handbox. 

The LX85 is a rework of the older LX75 with upgraded motors and cosmetics according to individuals I've seen post about them.  Because of this I believe it also has one of the annoying Meade saddle plates which is in my opinion a rather annoying design with a primary locking knob and tiny secondary lock nob.  Unlike the other mounts you are considering this saddle is a pain.   I have an LX75 I bought second hand with other equipment and realisticly I'd suggest avoiding this LX85. 

I have the older NEQ6 Pro gear version which I swear weighs nearly 60lbs, it's a serious chunk!  So I think for some of us who came from those the -R version is a serious diet. However, in your situation I can understand opting for something even lighter.   Ideally we can all wish every mount was robust enough to carry a 14" but light enough to hold in one hand... but it ain't gonna be so... :)  

Since you are aware of all the general advice but have constraints I think the choice matrix you now have to consider is whether you plan to stick with a smaller telescope for a while, long enough to justify getting healthier to handle larger/heavier equipment.  If you plan to go this route for say 18mos-2years I'd say something like a AVX(17lbs), or Skywatcher HEQ5 (22lbs).  The advantage of the AVX is price ($900 vs $1100), easier polar alignment controls and ease of connection to a computer via micro-usb on the bottom of the hand-control.  The HEQ5 on the other hand is part of the long line of EQ5 variants that just plain work without issue. 


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Posted 03 December 2019 - 09:54 PM

If the EQ6 -R- pro is too heavy and the CEM25P is too small then I suggest the CEM60. Because it works great for me and is not too heavy. The only complaint I have is the USB ports are not powered and USB2.0. That's all I got...shrug.gif

While for sure lighter than the EQ6-R which weighs 17.3kg/38.1lbs the CEM60 at 12.3kg/27.11lbs may also be too heavy for him. He may want to look at a the Losmandy GM811G with extended RA kit that will split the mount into two parts instead of having to lift the monolithic mount head weight at 12.25kg\27lbs (more like about about 6.25kg\13.5lbs each) and has 22.68kg\50lbs weight capacity for imaging or the GM8 which is 21 lbs and can hold 13.6kg\30lbs for imaging.*


Being able to split the mount head in half is a big value add here. And the GM811G is one of the mounts that lets you do this. The only other one sI am aware of that can do this is the Astro Physics mounts.


With his injuries there are just not a lot of good options out there that are quality AP mounts. The Losmandy is more expensive but when tuned right it is a much better performing mount than any of the Chinese mass produced ones including the Skywatcher, Celestron, Meade, or iOptron ones... 


This is one of those situations where you can have it: light weight, good quality, or cheap. Pick two. 



* This is an important number. That is the weight the mount will support for imaging. When a Chinese made mount specifies a weight capacity it is usually for visual use not imaging. In the past you had to divide the number by 50% to get the imaging weight capacity. Now it is more like 70-75%

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Posted 03 December 2019 - 10:34 PM

As I said, weirdest thread ever.... 

This is very, very far from a weird thread ever.  I mostly gave up saying anything else in this thread because it no longer had a rudder but I figured I would say one last thing because of your growing misunderstanding of what is happening here.  Most people are here to help but when you start out asking directly about one mount and indirectly about others with no criteria, then you set the tone for the thread.  When the thread starts drifting off of the title, "Is the EQ6-R Pro The Way to Go," things get messy and people start to get frustrated when the horse that is brought to the water won't drink.  It makes people feel that they are wasting their time because a poster really only came to answer to a question that they already the answer to themselves.  That happens too often.  If someone comes to a thread just looking to be convinced not to do something or present a target that is continually constrained by new criteria, then the end result is often not going to be very pretty.


On the basic question in the title, I think that the answer was a resounding "yes."  But then you changed your criteria (i.e., size and weight are a the controlling factor with cost and performance only secondary constraints rather than the controlling factors) and that brought an entire different group of mounts (e.g., Synta, iOptron, and Meade instead of just Synta) into the mix.  The fans of each company often see things in a very different light.  That's when things fell apart because it ends up either comparing apples and oranges, or dealing with strong feelings on each brand. 


Overall, there is good information in the thread when you stand back and take some of the personal feelings out of it.  Of the mounts discussed here, I am in agreement with those recommending the EQ6-R over the others, but if that mount is not what you can deal with because of the size or weight, then that mount has effectively been eliminated from consideration.  From there it is essentially a free-for-all.  In reality, it would be better now to start a new thread to discuss just smaller, lighter mounts rather than force this thread to fit that discussion.  I would suggest walking away from the thread and letting it go by what you have said in your more recent posts.



As I was writing this, Dr. Who posted above and I largely agree with what he has said.  In an earlier post you stated "GOTO. For the third time, I don't care."  That is a very important criteria.  If you truly don't care about goto, then the right mount for you will be the Losmandy GM-8 without the Gemini II system.  You apparently can no longer buy them new without the Gemini II so you will have to go used, but that's OK since the mechanics of the mounts are largely bulletproof.  Other than damaging a worm or breaking a gearbox mount (both of which are easily replaced), there is very little that can be done to completely ruin a Losmandy mount so there is not a big risk to buying one used.  Of all the small mounts in this price range, it is the best built with a better true capacity than the others for the most part.  I'm not a huge fan of the Losmandy mounts, but having worked on quite a few I can safely say that they will outlast any of the others, particularly if you don't go with the Gemini I or II systems.  It may require a little more tweaking than the other mounts, but that is a lot better than the "repairing" that the others are more likely to need.  The GM811G is probably too large/heavy for what you want and thus my recommendation for the GM-8. 

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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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