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Washinglee Control Cables

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Posted 21 November 2019 - 09:29 AM

Does anyone have any experience with using Washinglee USB Control Cables for Celestron Computerized Telescope in control of an AVX or NextStar SE mount?  Is it safe?  It seems to imply control of the mount without need to use the Hand Controller.  It uses something called a FTDI chip.  Not sure what that is or what it does?


How do you connect it to the mount?  One end is USB but the other is a RJ phone connector.  I assume this plugs into an Aux jack but would it need to plug into HC port or does plug into the mounts guide port?  


Any experience with this would be appreciated before I get and try to use this. 

Here is the text on Amazon

- One cord is enough to connect PC/Laptop and the mounts for Celestron NexStar telescopes. To direct the telescope by PC/Laptop for target stars. To upgrade the controller and the firmwares for each motor.

- 6-FT cable. USB to RJ11 (4p4c) adapter cable. Built in FTDI chip.


- Support all windows version Win7/8/10/XP/, and iOS/Linux/Android, and ASCOM drivers.

- Works well with NexRemote, Stellarium, SkyTools 3, Cartes du Ciel, Nexcontroller, MaxIm DL, DeepSky, Starry Night, SkySafari, SkyMap, and NexStar Observer List (NSOL).


-Works well with mounts/controller like Nexstar+, Celestron 6se mount, CG5-GT, CG5, Nexstar+, GT mount. Celestron HC, StarSense, and etc. Works well with telescopes like Celestron NexStar SE, SLT, GT, Advanced VX series, and Celestron GPS.


Product description
Color:16 FT / 5 M

16 FT length. Not made by Celestron. 1 year warranty.

1.The USB console cable, to control Celestron Telescope, NexStar 8 SE, Celestron C8i SE scope, Celestron NexStar 6se, Celestron Nexstar 90GT telescope, Nextar 4se, Celestron 90 SLT, NexStar 8SE, Advanced VX, Celestron 102 GT, Celestron NexStar 114, and so on.

2.Works well with Nexstar+, Celestron 6se mount, CG5-GT, CG5, Nexstar+, GT mount. Celsetron HC, StarSense, and so on.

3.If necessary, or the cable not working, please download the latest drivers from http://www.ftdichip....Drivers/VCP.htm, and install it.

Benefit from this cable:


1.There are several reasons one would want to control their telescope with a PC:

2.It is faster than using the hand controller.


3.It gives you a visual aid when searching for something hard to find.


4.If you find something unknown, the planetarium software will be able to identify it.

5.It is a necessity if you plan on imaging anything for longer than a single quick exposure.
It's wicked cool.

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Posted 21 November 2019 - 01:10 PM

No on using the AUX or Autoguide ports. The AUX port is never used for a direct PC attached interface and the Autoguide port is only used with ST-4 compatible cables and interface.


I think this product description has been cut and pasted from other Washinglee products (the iOptron cable for example) and it contains some problems, the first is the RJ11 comment and picture. I think this cable actually has the smaller R9/22 4p4c connector and it's intended to be plugged into the base of the hand controller (on all but the very latest hand controller models which have a USB connector).


If this is true it's simply a USB-RS232 serial adapter using an FTDI chipset with a nice long cable and a RJ9/22 connector on it that is wired for the Celestron hand controller serial port pinouts. If the pinouts are correct then it will be a safe alternative to using the combination of a USB-RS232 serial adapter and the Celestron hand controller RS232 serial cable.


If the cable actually has an 6 pin 4 conductor RJ11 connector it simply won't work on a Celestron mount.



There are only 4 ways of connecting a PC to a Celestron mount for firmware updates and mount control ...


- through the hand controller (using either that small 4p4c RJ9/22 serial connection or USB mini connection)

- through a PC Port (only available on a few higher end mounts such as the NexStar GPS, CPC, CGE, or CGEPro mounts, or via a long discontinued specialized AUX port expander product). This connection used an 8 pin RJ45 connector.

- through the on mount USB A connection on the CGX series of mounts.

- or via WiFi (built into the Evolution or via a WiFi adapter plugged into one of the AUX ports on other mounts)


There is a 5th possible connection used only for autoguiding, using the Autoguide port and ST-4 cables and interfaces.

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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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