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Canon EOS Ra capture software?

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Posted 25 May 2020 - 03:00 AM

The weather has finally gotten decent enough to do some work with the Eos Ra on the telescope.

My experience so far with the Ra has been un-tethered lightweight astrophotography using the intervalerometer.


I'm now looking for remote control the camera, and automating capture along with processing.

Normally I'd use Maxim/DL for this as it has integrated guider and support camera control for other apps like PemPro (which I use for polar alignment.)

However, it seems the CR3 file format is a blocker and it does not look like it is going to get fixed soon.


Is it time to make the jump to PHD, SGP, BYE, NINA, etc.?   (Its been a while since I looked at alternatives/)


Basically, I think I'm looking for new capture / image aquisition software:

- Works with Eos Ra, SBIG cameras (ideally), ZWO, etc.

- Integrated autoguider with dithering support, etc.

- Image sequencing (tho i could probably use SGP for this) darks, bias, flats management


Currently my AP work is tied to windows, but switching to an all mac solution would be great (tho i realize i would lose PemPro , tho I could see running it in a windows VM since it is only needed occasionally.)


Suggestions?  What's the current go to AP toolset for DSLRs?






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Posted 25 May 2020 - 12:58 PM


Well, system integrated acquisition AND image processing in one app? Like Maxim DL... I don't know of any


I have MaximDL pro because I have an SBIG STT8300 with their auto guider/filterwheel and AO. But I have largely abandoned it in favor of my one shot color Ra DSLR, using APT (Astrophotography Tool). I may go back to the SBIG with the warmer weather. But only if the Ra can't perform well enough, - I'm willing to go to shorter exposures with the dslr just so I can keep using it, up to a point rather than going back to the SBIG. We'll see


DSLR with an app like APT  (there are others - this is just the one I started with, swear by, love, and use) is just so much simpler and easier - imo. 

Yes, multi object integrated acquisition. Camera control (iso, time, pause, dither, download, image naming, CR3 to FIT conversion, and much more), mount control, (GoTo, plate solve with auto centering, integrated dithering), guiding, focus assist, live view 1x, 5x 10x, filter wheel, and on and on. it does not yet have auto focus control. It also supports SBIG, ZWO and others. but I suspect the primary users are DSLR Canon and Nikon owners, because it seems to have been built with those 2 cameras in mind from the get go. An interesting feature I have not yet tried or tested, is that it can control 2 cameras simultaneously. Since my wide field and long focal length scopes are on the same mount I have wondered if it wouldn't be fun to simultaneously capture a specific dso, along with it's wide field context. Maybe that's possible with APT 


APT uses free ware by others (with links to their sources in their documentation and help files) for guiding (Phd2), plate solve (multiple options) Planetarium (multiple options) and others too numerous to mention.


I could go on, but the best would be to dwnload the free version, and check it out. I think it's under $20 usd for the full version with the personalized response tech forum.


Again, on this CN forum, I've seen other apps reportedly as capable. I can just vouch for APT


I use a separate app for image development: an older copy of Images Plus, which for now is sufficient for me.

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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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