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Replacement for removed low-pass filter (astromod Sony NEX camera)

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Posted 28 May 2020 - 09:23 AM

Dear wise and knowledgeable readers


Summary: I want to remove LP filter from my camera, but I think I need to replace it with something and I don't know what that's called, and so I don't know how to buy it.

Camera is SONY NEX-F3


Long Version:

I have almost garnered the motivation to remove the low-pass (LP) filter and/or the IR Cut filter from a Sony Alpha NEX-F3 APS-C sized camera. I am not sure what filters it has over the sensor, or if they are stuck together, but I know it has something with a low-pass filtering action, which is blocking H-alpha, and I would prefer that gone.


According to this helpful tutorial https://pbase.com/pg...nside_the_nex_5 I will need a "filter" to replace the one I remove, which needs to pass all wavelengths of light useful to amateur astrophotography (in effect a piece of very clear glass). My question is what is this kind of glass plate called? Also, where can I buy such an item that will fit a Sony NEX-F3 (IMX095AQL)?


This is probably a silly question because no one else seems to be asking it, and none of the tutorials or videos I have seen mention it. They tend to just say "You'll need a filter to replace the one you just removed". I thought asking a dumb question is less stupid than messing up a camera.


If I Google, replacement IR Cut or low-pass filter for Sony NEX, I get Ebay hits trying to sell me the filter that I would have just removed. Usually there is no description of what these pieces of glass are for. It is assumed that buyers know the terminology and the technical details, which I do not---not yet anyway.


I know there is a view that astro-modding these cameras is not worth it because some only cut the H-alpha by a half, but I can't find the transmission curve for the NEX-F3 (or for that filter, the name of which I don't know) anyway, so I don't know that either (also I want all my photons).


If anyone knows anything about the filter in a NEX-F3, particularly what it is called (i.e. what type it is) then please let me know. Also, if anyone has ever modded a NEX-F3 (or close relative) and knows anything relevant, then please also share that experience.


They say "What's in a name?" , everything to me, as if I know what a thing is called, I can find out how to replace it, and if I need to replace it at all.


I know that in some cameras it is possible to remove the upper layer and keep the lower layer of the filter "sandwich", with no need to replace anything, but maybe not mine.


What I don't know would fill a library! Any advice would help reduce that. Thank you!




For the benefit of those on Google or searching the forum for an answer to similar problems, this question also relates to removal of Hot Mirror or Color-Correcting (CC) filter or Anti-Aliasing (AA) filter. These things have several alternative names!

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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