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Espirit 100ED or TS Optics 107 ?

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#1 PembrokeSteve


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Posted 28 June 2020 - 08:22 PM



Like many people on this forum, making a decision on which APO to buy,  is driving me nuts!


I am torn between buying one of the following triplets, which are just within my budget:-


1/. Skywatcher Espirit 100ED f/5.5 Pro Triplet (UK £1,565,00)


2/. TS Optics Photoline 107mm f/6.5 Triplet Super APO (UK £1,559.00)


My main aim is for DSO imaging. At present I am still in the DSLR phase, however eventually, I will probably upgrade to CCD or possibly a ZWO CMOS.

Something  within me urges me to go for more aperture, but would I even notice any difference with such a small mm difference?

Most grateful for any advice, from anyone who has experience or knowledge with these scopes.






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Posted 28 June 2020 - 10:18 PM

Ive a 102 and an Esprit 100 


both have something to offer


107 would be good at full FL - add a 0.8 reducer and you can do wider and faster


the esprit you can as well but the reducer is alittle hard to come by as there isnt a SW one 


the Esprit is a beautiful scope - fast and lovely optics - focuser is nice but I have my standard Moonlite fitted with a flange - i added an adapter so I can mount the flattener on the ML  


the 107 is a good all rounder too


if you have other FL around the 107 then the 100 makes sense - if not the 107 makes good choice with a reducer - you will want a flattener so inc that in the cost too!

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#3 matthisk


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Posted 29 June 2020 - 03:31 PM

Hello Steve,


might be worth running this statement about stopping the apm 107 of Marcus Ludes, who introduced the 107 into markets, through google translate:




best regards


#4 SilverLitz


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Posted Yesterday, 03:14 PM

I got an Esprit 100 last year after only about 3-4 months of trying AP with my ES ED102CF.  I love the Esprit and it is massively better than the ED102CF, with a MUCH better focuser and better glass (w/o the CA of the ES).   


I like the Esprit's FL much better than my ED102 (which is very close to the TS 107), as many more nebula targets fit.  I think 700mm FL is more a tweenier FL, with most nebulas needing a shorter FL, and most galaxies needing a significant longer FL.   I got an EdgeHD 925 w/ 0.7x FR for the small targets to compliment my Esprit 100.  Most of my nebula shots on the Esprit use a 0.75x FR for a 413mm FL and fast f/4.13.   For very large targets, I use even shorter FL camera lenses, such as Canon EF300 f/2.8L, Canon EF70-200 f/2.8L, or Samyang 135mm f/2.0.  I mainly image with my ASI183mm-Pro, which is relatively small with 2.4u pixels.  With a larger APS-C sensor, the Esprit 100 at 413mm could fit larger targets, such as M31, and only the very largest, such as entire Cygnus Loop/Veil Nebulas or combined Heart & Soul Nebulas, needing camera lenses.  With the Esprit 100 or another scope of 80mm at f/5 to f/6, I do not see a ~700mm FL scope fitting into my imaging goals.   I could make a case for an Esprit 120 (at f/7) or a 130-140mm f/7 scope.


The Esprit is considerably faster than the TS 107, which a big plus, and the Esprit's have a VERY good reputation.  


My decision was between, Esprit 80, Esprit 100, and Stellarvue SVX80T-3SV.  I picked the Esprit 100 over the Esprit 80, for the following reasons:

1) the Esprit 100 has a much better way of attaching to a mount, with solid rings and Losmandy rail, instead of the Esprit 80's integrated Vixen foot.  Besides having the more solid Losmandy rail, the rings allow for a much more secure way to a guidescope, e.g. add a small Vixen rail on top and attach the guide scope on top; MUCH better than attaching the guide scope to the small finder bracket.

2) With a FR/FF, the Esprit 100 is basically a faster, higher resolution 80mm.  I use the TSAPORED075 for a 413mm FL at f/4.13.  Riccardi has an equivalent FR/FF, and Starizona has an even more extreme 0.65x.  This gives me two different FLs, 550mm or 413mm, depending on the target.

3) Esprit 100's focuser is more robust, and is the same as on the Esprit 120 and 150.

4) Esprit 100 image circle is 40mm vs. the Esprit 80's at 33mm.


With the Esprit 100 and my ASI183, I can image at 0.9"/px (native 550mm) or 1.2"/px (w/ 0.75x, 413mm).  


I picked the Esprit 100 over the Stellarvue SVX80T-3SV, because it is faster, and I preferred its FL, especially with the 0.75x FR/FF.  Also, Stellarvue increased their price by $300 in late 2018, its availability was sketchy, and I got a very good price on a new Esprit 100 for only $100-$200 more than the Stellarvue SVX80T-3SV.


The Esprit 100 is built like a tank and is heavier than most 100mm scopes, but a EQ6-R should handle it fine.  I think the EQ6-R is about the minimum mount for an Esprit 100.  I use a G11 mount, which is a piece of cake.

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#5 leviathan


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Posted Yesterday, 11:55 PM

I would go for Esprit 100. It's a fantastic scope for it's price.

#6 AdamJ


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Posted Today, 01:36 PM

I own an Esprit 100, its my second after the first was sent back due to pinching. That being said the second one seems very good so just buy from a reputable retailer. I got mine from FLO. 



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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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