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Strange moon shadow

moon observing observing report
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#1 curiousbear


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Posted 15 July 2020 - 05:58 AM

Hi all,


New here. Hope I found the right place.


I seen something strange many years ago in Dublin in Ireland (year 2006 or plus a few years). I searched everywhere for anyone who had seen the same thing I did, but did not find anything at the time. I did not immediately start an online thread etc as I was afraid of being judged and was not confident in general. Forums weren't popular back then either and sure Facebook was only starting up. Today, I have still not found anything, but far more confident and now it's time to get this out there.


I love and grew up with all things science, especially astronomy. I have a strong sense of logic and keep an open mind.


One day, I was standing on an outdoor train platform (called Ashtown) on the way to university. I arrived early. There was nobody else around and the sun was shining with no clouds in sight. The weather was fantastic. The moon was clearly visible towards the east in the bright blue sky, which was not surprising as I had seen the moon during the day before. I had above-average vision (a little better than perfect 20/20 vision).


I thought, it seemed a little late for the moon to still be up there. Suddenly, during one of the moments while I was looking at it, the moon started being covered up with a razor sharp and super straight edge. It's exactly like slowly moving a large A4 piece of paper across a white circle, where the A4 piece of paper is the same colour as the sky. The movement was slow and spanned over many seconds. I think the direction of the movement was from the bottom right to the top left, going diagonal. It was so bizzare and unexplainable that I looked around, looked back, to see if I was just imagining it and it was indeed happening. No obstacles in the sky. No obstacles in my eyes. No psychological or mental issues. I think the moon eventually became totally eclipsed. I'm not confident enough to remember and thus share exactly how the moon went back to normal (it's been years and I want to recall the moment only with 100% accuracy). But I do remember it going back to normal fairly quickly. When people started arriving on the platform, I stared at the moon hoping that moment would happen again for them to see it but it didn't.


What baffles me most is that there is little to no room for ordinary scientific or logical explanation, as far as my own humble knowledge goes.

I'd love to hear what is on your mind right now, your thoughts or if you've seen something similar before.

As for those who feel obliged to give assertive answers - no arrogant assumptions, religious, or UFO conspiracies please unless they can be backed up by solid peer-reviewed evidence.


Thank you for your valuable time, my new friends.

#2 StarBurger


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Posted 15 July 2020 - 07:56 AM

Interesting observation, however I don't think anyone will hazard a guess here, assertive or not without a little more information.

Can you recall the date and time even approximately?

What were the relative positions of the sun and moon?

What was the "Normal"  moon phase ?

Approx how long did the phenomena last?

We look forward to some solid evidence.....

#3 BillP



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Posted 19 July 2020 - 06:38 PM

1) Was it like the Moon was disappearing -- i.e., was the paper edge it was being covered by exactly the same color and shade as the sky?


2) Once fully covered was anything visible or was it like the Moon was gone?  If the former please explain.


3) How long from when it started did it take to cover the entire Moon?


4) When the Moon came back, did it come back in the same was, slowly being revealed like ti was covered?


Btw, very interesting phenomena you witnessed!

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#4 BillP



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Posted 19 July 2020 - 07:11 PM

FWIW, doubtful it was an airborne weather balloon in the distance as these can be up to 50 feet in diameter or more and if that large and say a mile distant from you as it ascended, it would appear large enough to completely cover the Moon.  Many times these are somewhat transparent looking so could easily be the shade of the sky.  However, edge is not straight but curved.


If something large was deployed in orbit being tested, like in 1990's when Russians tested a large mirror they deployed, or perhaps a large solar sail, it would have to be too big to cover the entire Moon, about 1 mile in diameter if in orbit at 150 miles.  Solar sail experiments have deployed 124 foot squares into orbit, but again assuming a 150 mile low Earth high orbit something even that big would only subtend about .01 degrees, so far smaller than the Moon's .5 degrees.


For something in low Earth Orbit to be able to cover the Moon for an observer on Earth it would need to be around 1.3 miles on edge or about 2 kilometers.


For quite many years there have also been Aerostats (small blimps) used by many military organizations as civilian ones.  One of the larger ones is 240 feet long and probably about 60+ feet or a little more in diameter.  A few companies in the UK make these also.  If something like this was ascending would be easy for it to blot out the Moon with a progressive straight looking line if it were about a mile downrange from you at the time.  And given how these are usually white or silver, and often meant to blend into the sky rather than be obvious, you could have very well missed it being so taken by the Moon vanishing.  Basically many Aerostats and modern Zeppelins made and used by European companies could have accounted for what you saw if they were a mile downrange and lighting conditions and color were such that they more blended into the background at that distance.  And you focus was on the Moon strangely vanishing so you would have missed a lot of details being focused on the Moon so intently.

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