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Takahashi 76DS vs TS 80mm f7 FPL53

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#1 Astroview


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Posted 18 October 2020 - 11:53 AM

The passed few weeks I've been reading a lot on the forum. Comparing components to decide which would be the best grab and go setup for my needs: visual use only, light mount and tripod. That has been a fun time, but you got to decide sometime too, and say: this is it. So I have decided to go for the TS Optics 80mm f/7 FPL53. It's not in stock at the moment but this weekend I placed an order for the tripod I'm going to use with it, which is the Berlebach 212. At the same time, I ordered a ES 24mm 68° and Baader Morpheus 12,5mm. A good start I think.


Now, the dilemma: I've come across an advertisement for a full package Takahashi 76DS, 600 euro under the selling price, brand new in the box! a great price, but I need to keep in mind that I still need a mount too (TS AZT6?,  AZ5?, haven't decided yet) and a good diagonal.


Important to mention too: at the moment I have a 102ED f/7 with Hyperion eyepieces 17mm, 8mm, 5mm. So if I buy the 80mm telescope, maybe there's room left, budget wise, for a few more high quality eyepieces, for example the shorter focal length Morpheus. Or even shorter focal lenghts, for the moon and planets.


Also, can you even use a 2" diagonal on a Takahashi? Or only a select few 1.25" ones? Haven't looked into to that honestly because these scopes always seemed out of reach anyway.


So, the order still isn't finalised. What would you do? Decisions, decisions..

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#2 db2005



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Posted 18 October 2020 - 01:35 PM

The Tak does support 2" diagonals, but I very rarely use any of my scopes with 2" diagonals. The Tak's focal length is short enough that regular 1.25 eyepieces cover the entire magnification range I like to use, and since I mainly use my FC-76 as my grab-and-go setup the weight savings of the 1.25" diagonal are welcome.


There's no doubt in my mind that the Tak will have the better optics of the two scopes, but only you can judge whether the difference is going to matter for you and if it's worth the price difference. If you are going to observe at low/medium power, the optical differences between the two scopes will likely be modest. Optical quality manifests itself mainly at high magnifications. If money is an object (it usually is), the price difference between the Tak and the 80 mm is enough to buy a mount, diagonal and a few high-quality eyepieces. Your move.


One piece of advice: Do not skimp on the mount. The mount is likely going to stay with you longer than your scope, and a bad mount can limit the scope's usefulness more than almost any other piece of equipment. At least the Tak is going to support rediculously high magnifications for double stars, so I would spend a little extra to get a fairly sturdy quality alt-az mount with slow-motion controls. I'd take a look at either the Vixen Porta II or (better yet) the Scopetech Zero (more pricey).

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#3 JeremySh


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Posted 18 October 2020 - 02:53 PM

Get the Tak. You’ll always be wondering otherwise 

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#4 BillP



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Posted 18 October 2020 - 08:03 PM

Not just the mount, but you will also need either rings and plate or the Tak clamshell and a plate.  So add those costs.  I doubt it comes with a finder so then will need to factor in the cost of a finder scope or red dot finder, and the adapter to mate the common non-Tak accessories to the OTA.  Little things but they add up.


There will not be much difference between an 80mm and a 76mm as far as performance.  But the "experience" of observing with a premium-level scope is very much different and not something that can be quantified or explained, but you certainly "feel" it.  I have 3 refractors, two non-premium and then the TSA-102.  All I can say is that it is a joy to have one premium scope in the stall, regardless of its aperture.  You said you want it as a grab-n-go but I do not know if that means to take on the road or just quickly outside on a moment's notice.  If the former, then you need to assess if you are comfortable bringing a premium scope on trips, leaving it in hotel rooms, getting knocked around in baggage, etc.


Each premium-level scope has a personality to it that reflects the builder.  All I can say is that of the premium builders out there, I like the personality of the Tak's the best. grin.gif

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#5 Echolight



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Posted 18 October 2020 - 09:03 PM

I could have bought a used but decked out TV85 on a Panoramic mount for about half of retail new cost when I started out. I was very tempted but thought I'd want a slightly beefier mount so I took a pass. And it was planet season so I wanted a bigger scope to start out with.


I kind of think about how cool it would have been to have it now and then. Just to admire the build quality. But I ended up with a new Evostar 80 for a great price and a much sturdier used Unistar mount for a great price. So I don't feel like I'm missing much in the view department. And I have a setup with rock solid stability and zero settle time that I wanted. All for a little under half the cost. Just took five months longer to get it.

#6 Astroview


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Posted 19 October 2020 - 07:21 AM

Thank you for the replies all. @Billp: to be more specific: the full package includes the scope itself, + the clamshell, finder (6x30) and finder bracket for a total of 1700 euro.


So that leaves the plate I think and an adapter? I have to look up how much that would cost. But like you say, every extra component adds to the cost. And I also need a mount and preferably a few higher end eyepieces. It quickly adds up..

I'm still undecided.

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#7 SLight


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Posted 20 October 2020 - 04:12 AM

At that price go for it ! If your budget is limited you just add some eyepieces in the future bit by bit. At least the OTA will not be the limiting factor. As mentioned before, Taks can be pushed to higher magnifications and offer more contrast than those Chinese optics. 

#8 MalVeauX



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Posted 20 October 2020 - 07:56 AM

I guess the bigger question is... why do you want a significantly smaller aperture refractor compared to your current 102mm ED refractor, what subjects are most important to you, and what is your current 102mm simply not doing that you think a smaller aperture with better glass/correction will do that has you willing to upgrade to something smaller?


Very best,

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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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