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December 2020 Sketching Contest Submissions Go Here

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#1 frank5817



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Posted 01 December 2020 - 12:08 AM

As you can see from previous submissions over the months and years in the Sketching Contests and also in our Sketching Threads at Cloudy Nights, we have many excellent sketchers posting here.
When submitting your sketch for this month’s sketching contest please include: Your Name, Date the target was sketched, Your location, Equipment used, magnification used (if known), Sketching medium, Conditions (seeing, transparency). Please put this information above or below the sketch but not directly on the sketch.


If you need further information see: "Thread of interest in Sketching, including our contest" pinned at the top of this page:  also at the same location find ‘Sketching guidelines 101’
Good Luck, this is just for fun.

Frank 5817


Just enter your sketches below along with additional information as noted above.
Submissions end just before midnight EST on the last day of the month (December 31, 2020)


#2 stanislas-jean



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Posted 02 December 2020 - 09:42 AM


I am proposing something a little different, only a research item proposal.

Here is:



Here is a mars report performed with the 80mm scopetech refractor under average good images, for the aperture.

The sky was transparent between clouds.

Hellas was actually bright towards Hellespontus. for both filters, blue W80A and deep yellow W12.

Aeria-Arabia was bright also at the limb with the similar extension, blue and yellow channels.

Chryse was relatively bright also, same color channels, with a whitish cloud on Margaritifer Sinus, blue channel.

Conspicuous north polar hood well present, blue and deep yellow color channels.

Neiridium Fretum towards Argyre was clear.

The south polar area appeared clearer than the surrounded area.


This is not possible to conclude that dust veils are purely dusty but rather misty with a strong ratio of white haze included.

The other possibility could be rather more distinct clouds, dust near the ground, white cloud above, mainly.

This needs a narrow survey, again, for a straight advise.

More than admitted.

80mm is enough for such, considering the planet size, 14,46" size.


Then something to follow.

Here are the data, at present for supporting.


Good skies 



resized_mars 01.12.20 18H25UT.jpg





#3 Marvin452


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Posted 08 December 2020 - 08:23 AM

Crater Eratosthenes - located in the southeast part of the Mare Imbrium.


Dimensions: 35x35 miles

Apparent size: 32.20"

This crater stood out in stark contrast to the rest of the moon this morning - it looked like a neat, round black hole had been drilled into the gray-white surface of the moon along the terminator. The tail end of the mountain range Mons Huygens can be seen extending almost into the crater - only the white tips of the highest peaks were visible north of the crater. Just northeast of the crater the white "C" shape rim of Eratosthenes K can be seen.

Sketch done with white and black charcoal on black pastel paper using blending stumps and Q-tips. Sketch scanned and exported from GIMP as a .jpg. - no alterations were made in GIMP.


12/08/2020 0330-0410 hrs. local time

Cape Coral, Fl. 56 deg. 45 deg. dewpoint.

Seeing: 3/5 Trans: 5/5

C9.25" SCT, Televue 7mm Nagler ep for 336x



AKA Marvin 452


Attached Thumbnails

  • Crater Eratosthenes.jpg


#4 Aquarellia



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Posted 30 December 2020 - 04:23 AM

The great conjunction helps me to make some vistas with my old fellow technic : the inverted watercolor.


In my area close to the French Alpes, the forecast was so bad that I programed to go to the Med's coast, the French Riviera.

December 21st was probably the worst weather I had for this conjunction.

But after one hour waiting on the beach, I had the opportunity to see a compilation of one photon coming from Jupiter plus Saturn.

This is probably because of the sky bad quality that only one "planet like" was visible.




To the left you can see the fort of Brégançon, this is the holiday residence of the French President. 

In the background you can see two islands, Port-Cros without light, to the left and Porqueroles with lights to the right.  On the right hand foreground stand my wife waiting for the event too.

We then liked to post the result of this scientific naked eye exercise to the AWB page: "The Project of Observing "Extra-close" Encounter of Jupiter and Saturn"

This is a really not a high scientific result, but a good souvenir for us.


Your Name, Michel Deconinck

Date the target was sketched, December 21st 

Your location, Brégançon beach, French Riviera

Equipment used, naked eye

magnification used (if known), 1

Sketching medium, water and watercolor on 300gr paper, inverted after scanning

Conditions (seeing, transparency). Bad bad bad




CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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