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AstroTech ED80 vs Orion ED 80 for AP

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Posted 23 February 2021 - 11:23 PM

I too would like to see some raw, unprocessed photos taken with an 80 mm F/7 FK-61 objective.  The ED-80 is a known quantity.  I bought 80 mm F/7 FPL-53 doublet used about 15 years ago and it needed a better focuser.


I like the 72mm AT-72ED-2 suggestion.  I would like to see what Bob thinks.


And Bob points out the importance of the mount. It's not clear what mount Midwestastronomer will be using, hopefully something more robust than the Astroview listed in the equipment list.



Hi there,


     First post (and likely the last, as I've promised my wife I'd only read (and not post to) internet forums -- so this is a special exception!)   =)


1)  Before beginning, please let me say "Thank you very much!" to all of you for your many insightful comments and discussions on this forum -- I've been lurking since the summer (trying to learn enough to decide what kind of telescope to get for my wife), and have benefited greatly from your community (and special thanks to Jon Isaacs, whose posts I've learned to seek out, on any topic!).



2)  Being a complete neophyte, I wouldn't dare offer an opinion on anything here(!) -- but with regards to photos taken with an ED-80 vs. an 80mm F/7 FK-61 objective, there's something I came across a while back, which maybe might serve the purpose(?).  I don't know if CloudyNights has a policy about embedding links to other forums, but I'll avoid doing so (in case it'd be a violation), and instead would suggest the following:


A.  Type  "Testing prime focus digiscoping setups"  into Google, and you'll hopefully find a July 3, 2008 thread of that title on Birdforum.net.  No astronomical photos in that thread, but there are a number of daytime shots of ISO 12233 test charts, using a variety of cameras and telescopes.


B.  Post #5 in that thread has samples taken with a "Skywatcher Evostar Pro 80ED" (FPL-53, F/7.5), and an enlarged crop appears in Post #17.


C.  For comparison, Post #19 shows samples from an "Astro-Tech AT80ED 80mm f/7 ED doublet refractor".



3)  (If it matters to anyone, I was going to get an AT80ED for my wife before seeing Post #19, after which we joined the AT72EDii waiting list:  she'll be using the telescope for some astronomy (mostly planets, the moon, and the brightest DSOs) -- but the primary purpose will be daytime birding and manual-focus bird photography (hoping for some nice feather detail!)....and Post #19 kind of scared us off.  No idea if we've made the right decision (it's hard buying a telescope during Covid, with so little opportunity to test things out), but it sounds like she'll be happy with the AT72EDii.  We're really looking forward to it!)



     Apologies to everyone if this post doesn't add anything to the discussion (again, I'm a complete neophyte), and thank you again to everyone for all the great discussions on this forum.  All best!



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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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