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Is insulating my SCT a good idea if I want to image (lunar/planetary/EAA)?

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Posted 09 November 2021 - 05:32 PM

I’m late to this but will add my experience. I live in Riverdale, just north of Manhattan city limits and hard by the Hudson. Hence the name. I observe on my apt rooftop with the scopes you can see in my sig. I got the 6” Orion Mak about a month ago and wrapped it in Reflectix on the advice of several posters here. I live close to Home Depot and it was cheap so I thought it didn’t cost much to try and the concept made sense to me. I’ve had about 6 good sessions with the Mak since I got it. We haven’t had real winter temps yet, but one night it was 42 when I got to my roof and another night it was 39. I have star tested and checked collimation on Deneb at 200x since it’s still high up here. Star images have been textbook on both sides of focus every time and I’ve used the Mak up well over 200x almost immediately after setting up and even up to 300x on the moon with excellent results. Is this due to Reflectix? I would have to say yes as stories about trouble with thermal acclimation have kept me from getting a Mak for years, even though here in Riverdale the moon and planets are my most consistent targets and my sky, though not dark, is often nice and stable. But my 6” Mak has been great at high power right out the door. It’s wrapped inside and then I bring it out. I would have gotten a Mak long ago had I known about Reflectix as this scope has given me fantastic lunar/planetary as well as double and triple star views. Even in the dead of winter my TV85 needs at least 20 minutes to acclimate enough to split Rigel at 50x. When it does that it’s ready for high power work. But from what I’ve seen, the Mak will be ready for high power even quicker! I have a really nice 6” f/8 Newt with only an 18% CO that I have used since the late 90’s and it really gives wonderful lunar/planetary images and has even bested a friend’s excellent Tak FS102 on a few occasions. And of course, beat his Tak 78 and my TV85 every time. But this Mak is better than the very good Newt and the excellent FS102. It’s so crisp up well above 240x, which is where the Newt starts to get soft. Had I not known about Reflectix, I would not be having such a great time with my new Mak. I hope others like me who were hesitant about getting a Mak might read this thread and reconsider as the views, at least in this 6” are memorable. Star images when compared to my TV85 set up right beside it are so very similar. The double double splits well in the Mak at 75x in my 24 Pan and the split looks identical to my TV85 at 75x in the 8 TVPlossl. Ras Algethi and the triple Iota Cass actually look better at 200x in the Mak than at similar power in the refractor. Colorful doubles like Cor Caroli and Albireo look better to my eye at lower powers and I prefer the TV85 there. The moon is astonishing in the Mak. Again, I think I’d be missing this were it not for Reflectix. I don’t image, but for visual, it has.  worked like a charm. I just wrapped the scope body, not the rear section. Haven’t had any need to even fashion a dew shield. And speaking of my roof, I can head up now as the abominable DST has ended!


Clear skies!

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Posted 09 November 2021 - 05:59 PM

:-) Reflectix helps. And if it was just to push people to purchase a decent Mak. I repeat my guess: Maks might correspond most of them all to Reflectix


Aluminium Tube

thick Meniscus


so best chances to obtain a level temperature inside.

This evening I went out with a wrapped 2080 and started with 260x at Jupiter. From the very first minute there was a moon shadow at high contrast discernibe. Must have been one of the bigger moons.

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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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