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ASIAIR Pro microSD Restoration on Mac

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Posted 03 December 2021 - 12:20 PM

Hi All -


I’ve made the rookie mistake of putting off making a backup of my ASIAIR Pro SD card, and the last update corrupted my SD card. The update would download to 80% and then fail. I searched high and low online trying to find help, only to realize that all of the resources available send you from website to website and don’t actually give step-by-step instructions for those who don’t have a computer programming degree…

There are loads of resources available for those who use Windows; however, they are lacking in the MacBook department.

The following is a step-by-step guide for those of you with MacBooks, after taking me weeks to troubleshoot myself.

- Purchase an SD Card, the same as the one supplied with your ASIAIR Pro if possible, mine was a SanDisk Ultra 32GB, yours may be different.
- Download ApplePiBaker


To download APB:
- Visit https://www.tweaking...plepi-baker-v2/
- Scroll down the page to find a green box that says "Download - ApplePi-Baker V2) (64 bits)) and download the app to your MacBook.

To Download the ASIAIR Pro Operating System:
- Visit https://astronomy-im...e_ASIAIR_OS.pdf
- In Step 2, click the download ASIAIR Pro link, ASIAIR and ASIAIR Pro are NOT interchangeable.
- This will take you to Google Drive, download the file. The file is large and takes some time.
- This file will appear in your Downloads folder (ASIAIR_PRO_OS_V1.4.zip). Drag it to your desktop.
- Make sure you have enough space on your MacBook before the next step, if not, use an external hard drive. I use the WD 4T External Hard Drive formatted for Mac (available on amazon).
- Double Click on the ZIP file (ASIAIR_PRO_OS_V1.4.zip) on your desktop to UNZIP the file. The unzipped file is approximately 32Gb, so it is not a quick process. The unzipped file will be titled (ASIAIR_PRO_V1.4.img). This file can be stored on an external hard drive for use at a later date if needed.


Plug in SD into Card Reader into mac


Now to format your new SD card if not already done:
- Open Finder
- Applications
- Utilities
- Disc Utility
- Find your SD on left side
- Click erase on the top right menu bar
- Name the SD “EMPTY” so you don’t mix anything up
- Select format as MS-DOS(FAT32)
- The SD is now erased and formatted for restoring the ASIAIR Pro OS
- Right Click on SD Image on Desktop titled “EMPTY” and select Eject.

Now to Restore SD with OS File
- Reinsert the SD Card inside the card reader into MacBook
- Open ApplePiBaker from your Launchpad
- Click the words “Select a Disk” on the left of the window and select your SD card
- On the right side of the window, click words “File to Disk”
- Find and select the image file stored on your desktop (ASIAIR_PRO_V1.4.img)
- The restore should automatically start, takes me about 45 mins.
- When finished, the SD card should now be visible on your desktop as “BOOT”
- Right click on the SD card, select Eject

- Plug your newly SD card into your ASIAIR Pro and then power on the device. Wait for
the WiFi to start up and connect your phone/tablet to it using the default password of 12345678. Open your ASIAIR App and update the firmware to the latest version. The ASIAIR will restart following the update. It will then prompt to either activate the license through ONLINE ACTIVATION or if you already have, ACTIVATE WITH A QR CODE.

Your ASIAIR Pro is now ready to use.

For those of you wondering my mistakes - I did not know you had to UNZIP the downloaded file from ZWO’s Restore Your ASIAIR OS Document. I wrote the .zip file to my SD instead of the unzipped .img file, so my device would power on but fail to boot.

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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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