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Goofi's Imaging Challenge, January 2024 - NGC 1499 The California Nebula

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#26 Steve Ch

Steve Ch

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Posted 24 January 2024 - 10:08 AM

I caught this in my light-polluted back yard (Bortle 6) near the half moon.


24 x 5 minutes

Camera: ASI2600MCPro with Optolong L-extreme filter

ATT115 refractor with an 0.8x reducer/FF (650 mm FL), guided with an ASIAir mini on an RS135E mount.

Processed in APP (extracting Ha and OIII data from original dual band data for LRGB processing), then Photoshop.




#27 jkelly


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Posted 24 January 2024 - 10:59 AM

Astro-Tech AT80ED w/ Field Flattener
Optolong LeXtreme
ASI 533MC Pro
Sky-Watcher AZ-GTI Mount


4 Panel Mosaic
Mosaic created in ASIAir with 10% overlap
4 panels @ .60sec x 60 exposures.
20 Darks, 20 Flats, 20 Bias


ASIStudio to covert to jpg
Microsoft Image Composite Editor


I had hoped to image more this month.

Due to the weather on the East Coast and now a full moon,

I have decided to enter my final.


Learning mosaics was challenging, not so much planning

and shooting but matching the four panels was really tough.

Good experience.





#28 const


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Posted 24 January 2024 - 02:41 PM

California is too big for my long SCT. I did a two panel mosaic just to get this close up of a part of it.

Interestingly, I only did a pure linear stretch of the Ha image of the nebula and it is good enough. I could play with contrast here and there but decided to keep it that simple. Stars are RGB and I used fancier GHS on them.


Celestron EdgeHD 9.25" with .7x reducer on a Losmandy G11T. MoonLite CHL 2.5".

ZWO EFW 7×36mm, OAG-L, ASI174MM-Mini, ASI2600MM Pro.

Astronomik MaxFR H-alpha 6nm and Deep-Sky RGB filters.


H (17+14)×120s

R (20+12)×30s

G (16+12)×30s

B (16+12)×30s


Captured and guided with KStars/Ekos. Processed in PixInsight, PhotometricMosaic.




#29 TomC_RR


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Posted 24 January 2024 - 06:08 PM

Taken Nov 2023


WO Z81 with .8 Reducer FF

Canon RA with L-Ultimate

28 - 300 sec subs with bias / darks / flats

1600 ISO



Processed in PI





Histogram Stretch





Ngc 1499 11 2023



#30 Ar3s701


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Posted 25 January 2024 - 11:47 PM

Going to be my last project with the 80mm scope for a while because I've got a new Askar 130PHQ to play with.




Imaging Telescope: TS-Optics Imaging Star 80 mm f/4.4 (TSAPO81Q)
Imaging Cameras: Player One Poseidon-M Pro
Mounts: Sky-Watcher EQ6-R Pro
Filters: Antlia 3nm Narrowband H-alpha 2" × · Antlia 3nm Narrowband Oxygen III 2" × · Antlia 3nm Narrowband Sulfur II 2" ×
Guiding Scope: SVBony SV198 50mm
Guiding Cameras: ZWO ASI290MM Mini




Ha - 77×300″

OIII - 160×300″
SII - 71×300″


Integration - 25h 40′
Bortle Scale -  4.50




Stacked in PI

Photometric Mosaic (S,H,O)




LRGB Combination


Background Neutralization



Narrowband Normalization (Bill Blanshan)

Selective Color Correction Script


GHS on stars

Boost Saturation on stars

SCNR on stars

CorrectMagentaStars script

Screen Stars Script


Export as Tif and open in Photoshop

Final adjustments with CameraRaw tool

Export as jpg





#31 ntph



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Posted 27 January 2024 - 10:40 PM

My humble entry, with data acquired late October 2023, backyard Bortle 6-7

Canon EF 100-400mm L I at 250mm f/4.5; L-eNhance filter, QHY 168c, on an Astro-Physics Model 400 mount, guided

48 x 120 seconds

processed in PixInsight:

WBPP, dynamic crop, SPCC

GraXpert AI

BXT, NXT, SXT with screened stars





process stars to taste


ScreenStars script


tweak with CT


31 seems like a nice random number  lol.gif



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#32 stefsaber


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Posted 28 January 2024 - 05:56 PM

Initially tried to process this as HOO, but have such a limited view on the nebula it wasn't that interesting. So just processed it normally. Mainly was working on debugging issues with my new mount this month, so between that and rain/clouds, just grabbed two nights on this one.


AT90CFT with 0.8x reducer

533mc at -10C, Gain 100 and Antlia 5nm Dual Band Filter

CEM40 with AT60ED guider


83 x 300s


Processed in Siril and Photoshop




#33 spacecadetacademy


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Posted 28 January 2024 - 06:59 PM

AT80EDT .8 reducer. asi1600mm. baader SHO 


Been gathering data since 12/2023. Finally got a clear night this week to finish the RBG stars.

1800s x 3 ha

600s x 5 ha

300s x1 ha


1800s x 7 oiii

600s x 19 oiii


1800s x 7 sii

600s x 8 sii


6s x 120 R

6s x 120 B 

6s x 120 G 
6s x 240 L


All processed in pixinsight. 



#34 Tomvictor


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Posted 29 January 2024 - 05:21 AM

Date 16 January 
Samyang 135mm F2.0
Baader H-alpha Highspeed(f/2) 6.5nm (CMOS-Optimized) 31 mm

40×300 sec

Bortle 4-5




#35 caseyz


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Posted 29 January 2024 - 09:46 AM


Scope:  Redcat 61
Filter: ZWO DUO
Camera:  ASI2600MC Pro
Mount: ZWO AM5
Guide Scope:  ZWO 30MM
Guide Camera: ASI120MM Mini
Control: ASIAir Plus


21H 5 min subs
From my Bortle 5 backyard






#36 psienide


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Posted 29 January 2024 - 10:42 PM

Here's what I have so far after ~11 hours. Calling this the final because i'm ready to move on to new targets.

Filters: Optolong 7nm Ha - Antlia Hb/OIII - Antlia 4.5nm SII - Antlia 4.5nm OIII

Camera: ASI 294mm at Bin1 108 gain

Scope: Samyang 135mm

Mount: HEQ5

Software: Exclusively Siril

Attached Thumbnails

  • Screenshot 2024-01-29 213104.jpg

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#37 TelescopeGreg


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Posted 29 January 2024 - 10:50 PM

Looks like no more possible nights for imaging, due to weather.  I had a chance last night, but other commitments prevented my making use of it.  Bad planning on my part, so this will have to be it.


This is a scant 30 minutes of images, 6 subs of 5 minutes of which 5 were shot through high clouds.  This was intended to just be an initial "contingency" night, made without filters.  It was supposed to be clear, but after the first sub I looked up and saw that most of the sky was suddenly obscured.  The guider seemed happy so I let it run, but after the 6th sub the guider lost its track and the session was done.  That was the last time the scope was out.


Imaged 5-January 2024 from home (Bortle-6 + clouds)


Telescope:  Stellarvue SVA130EDT (130mm f/7 no reducer or flattener)

Camera:  ASI2600MC-Pro (no filters)

Mount:  Celestron AVX

Guider:  ZWO 60mm f/4.6 scope, ASI174mm Mini camera.  CCDciel internal guider software

At-mount computing:  Raspberry Pi 4B, Astroberry distro.  CCDciel session manager, ASTAP plate solving

6 x 300 seconds Lights, 20 each Darks, Flats, Dark-flats

Stacked with ASTAP, processed in StarTools 1.7



NGC1499 California Nebula 6x300 2x2 1st night with high clouds ASTAP ST old process rotated SS again (resized).jpg


#38 ohadl


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Posted 30 January 2024 - 08:25 AM

My Equipment:

  • iOptron gem45
  • Risingcam IMX571 Color
  • Askar 107phq
  • Askar phq 0.7 Reducer

My Data:

  • HAO3 Filter: 172 * 300s
  • SIIO3 Filter: 151 * 300s
  • Total exposure time: 27 hours
  • Bortle 5


  • Pixinsight



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#39 Robert7980



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Posted 30 January 2024 - 07:10 PM

Just barely made this months challenge, last night was the only clear skies in nearly 8 weeks, so this will have to do. 


Skywatcher Esprit 120ED with 0.77 reducer 


Antlia 3nm Pro SHO + V pro RGB 



4 hours, 15 each 300s SHO and 30s RGB 


Basic processing with RGB Combine and SCNR to remove greens, color adjustment with curves and Photoshop, stretched with GHS and Curves. BXT and NXT. 






#40 T~Stew



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Posted 31 January 2024 - 07:00 PM

Well I had planned to add a lot more data to this, and try out my new SII/OIII duoband, but didn't get a single night to image it this month. All I have is 2hrs and change of regular duoband in December.


Shot with my more beginner type gear, tracker dslr and 300mm lens.




Dec. 13, 2023
IDAS Nebula Booster NBZ: 32×300″(2h 40′) ISO800 f/2.8

Canon EF 300mm f/2.8L USM
Canon EOS 60D (modified)
iOptron SkyGuider Pro


Siril, Darktable, Gimp

Processed in standard color palette,nothing fancy for this one.


#41 Alrakis


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Posted 31 January 2024 - 11:26 PM

I think this is one of my best captures recently. Still learning more and need to figure out a few more ideas, but here we are.


Scope:  Skywatcher Esprit 100
FF:  Skywatcher doublet field flattener
Camera:  Canon T7i (modded)
Filter:  Optolong L-Enhance
Mount: AP 1100GTO
Guide scope: Celestron 50mm finder/guider
Guide cam: Lacerta MGEN3
Acquisition:  On-Camera through MGEN3 with dithering
Processing in SIRIL (with an Astroclean finish with Astrosharp)


ISO 800, 3 min subs x 91 (4hr 33min) on January 13th and 17th


Ran through the Siril OSC script, used Siril's background extraction, photometric color, remove green noise, Asinh stretch, Histogram stretch, color saturation. Followed by Astroclean deconvolution by Astrosharp.


Full scale picture can be found here:








#42 dswtan



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Posted 01 February 2024 - 02:59 AM

Just a slight update to what I posted in the progress thread on 15 Jan. Now with less aggressive star reduction and a brighter background to avoid such a strong "vignette" look.



Astro-Tech AT60ED
ZWO ASI294MM Pro + ZWO ASI290MM Mini
iOptron GEM45 (going bad at the time)
Astronomik Deep-Sky RGB · Astronomik 6nm
Astro-Tech .8X Reducer for 60ED (ATRF60) · ZWO EAF  · ZWO EFW 8 x 1.25″ / 31mm  · ZWO OAG
Adobe Lightroom · Bill Blanshan Star reduction methods · Pleiades Astrophoto PixInsight · Russell Croman Astrophotography BlurXTerminator · Russell Croman Astrophotography NoiseXTerminator · Russell Croman Astrophotography StarXTerminator · Stanley Dimant EZ Processing Suite


~140 frames each 240 sec narrowband + 30 frames each 30 sec RGB

Unity gain, 0C

NINA simple sequence over multiple nights, 2-3hrs per night

Bortle 4/5.


LinearFit Ha and SII to OIII
BXT correct only
BXT gentle
NXT gentle
GHS on Ha, EZ Soft Stretch on SII and OIII -- since Ha dominates and needs more care
Combine (PixelMath above)
Bill Blanshan SCNRv4
SXT starless - process RGB stars separately anyway (LinearFit to Green, Combine, GraXpert, BXT correct only, SPCC, NXT, EZ Soft Stretch)
More GHS, for aesthetics
NXT final
BXT final
LocalHistogramEqualization gentle
DarkStructureEnhance defaults
Combine RGB stars
Bill Blanshan Star Reduction v2
+30 Whites in Lightroom for final aesthetics on color-calibrated monitor


Full resolution: https://astrob.in/ezwpvh/B/



#43 nikm


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Posted 01 February 2024 - 11:16 AM

Thank you to everyone who participated this month, great looking images!


This months winner is Mark_E, post #11

I'll try to get the new post up as soon as I can.


#44 diver66


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Posted 01 February 2024 - 01:41 PM

Let's hear it for the procrastinators.  




PlayerOne Poseidon C

OAG with PlayerOne Xena-M


92 Subframes @ 120s = 3hrs 4 mins

25 Darks @ 120s

25 Flats @ 0.57s

25 Flat Darks @ 0.57s


Pixinsight Process:

These are part of the WBPP process:

  • Generate Master Flats and Master Darks
  • Calibrate Light Frames
  • Debayer
  • Registration
  • Local Normalization
  • Autocrop

Post Processing:

  • DBE
  • SPCC
  • Histogram Stretch 
  • Export to Tiff


Adobe Lightroom:

Adjust exposure, contrast and add Watermark 



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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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