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April 2024 Sketching Contest Submissions Go Here.

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#1 frank5817



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Posted 31 March 2024 - 11:28 PM

As you can see from previous submissions over the months and years in the Sketching Contests and in our Sketching Threads at Cloudy Nights, we have many excellent sketchers posting here.
When submitting your sketch for this month’s sketching contest please include:
Your Name
Target of Sketch
Date you made the sketch
Your location (geographic) when sketching
Equipment used
Magnification used (if known),..
Sketching medium and materials
Conditions: Seeing and Transparency
Other important information
Please put this information above or below the sketch but not directly on the sketch.
Your sketch should be a recent one as well (made within the last two months). You must be a Cloudy Nights member to enter the contest.
If you need further information, see: "Thread of interest in Sketching, including our contest" pinned at the top of this page:  also at the same location find ‘Sketching guidelines 101’ This is a sketching contest do not enter photos or modified photos in this contest. They will not be allowed here. If you win the contest please do not enter again until you have skipped a month.
Please do not post additional comments here.
Good Luck, this is just for fun and the Winning Sketch will be Posted on the CN Home Page at the conclusion of the contest voting.

Frank 5817
Just enter your sketch below along with additional information as noted and highlighted and listed above.
Submissions end just before midnight E.D.S.T. on the last day of the month (April 30, 2024)
Please do not post comments here in this thread just your sketch information and your sketch. Thank You.


#2 JMSchwartz


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Posted 03 April 2024 - 08:29 AM

 Jon M. Schwartz

M-42 The Great Orion Nebula    Feburary 8 - 12 , Midnight  Pacific time  28"Slipstream, 18" Starmaster  

Eyepieces:10 Ethos,12 Nagler type 5, 17 Nikon nav 

First sketched on white copy paper using a # 2 pencil blended with stubs and using a kneaded eraser to remove excess pencil later uploaded to Procreate which I then smoothed and softened pencil marks and adjusted contrast ,next I Inverted it to a monochromatic sketch thenColorized, again adjusting levels to give it the same look as it appeared in the eyepiece next uploading to photoshop express  to adjust levels and adding & adding text. 

Darkness 5-5, Seeing:4-5, Transparency: 5-5


Attached Thumbnails

Attached Thumbnails

  • 20240331_070645.jpg

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#3 Civet

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Posted 11 April 2024 - 08:55 PM


Sun (during total solar eclipse)
April 8, 2024
Waco, Texas, USA (Eclipse Over Texas)
4cm F10.5 binoculars
Black paper, pencil、white paint, Japanese brush I first sketched it with a pencil on black paper in about 3 minutes during totality, and later repainted it with white paint using a Japanese brush.
Darkness ?, Seeing:3-5, Transparency: 2-5(thin clouds)

There will be lots of great photos of this eclipse on the web soon, so I needed to do this before I looked at them. The positional relationship of prominences and corona may not be accurate.
I wanted to create the glow and gradation of Corona, but it was quite difficult.
In actual visual observation, at first glance, only the brightest part of the inner ring of the corona was visible, but when I looked closely, I could see that it was spreading thinly to the periphery. The red color at the bottom is intended to represent the chromosphere that was visible just before the third contact.
At the end of the totality, the chromosphere emerged from beneath the ring of bright prominences, and a diamond ring emerged from it. Those who watched this solar eclipse probably know about these, but personally, I was most moved by this one!

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#4 JoeFaz


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Posted 17 April 2024 - 12:39 PM

Joe Fazio
Messier 4 and Antares
April 14, 2024
Eckhart Mines, MD
Oberwerk 15x70 Deluxe binocular - 4.2° FOV
Graphite on mixed media paper - inverted, refined, and colorized digitally
Seeing - Good; Transparency - Excellent


M4 And Antares


#5 robcac26



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Posted 28 April 2024 - 09:09 PM

Rob Cacioppo
Total Solar Eclipse
Derby, Vermont
Teeter 11" STS with Tele Vue 31mm Nagler
White dry pastel, pink colored pencil, and blending stump on black paper.  I cut out a separate round piece of paper to use as a shield to preserve the black circle that is the moon, and then removed it when done sketching.
Average seeing, good transparency
I did this sketch based on both a cell phone photo I took through the scope during totality as well as my memory of details that the photo couldn't pick up.

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#6 monolithic


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Posted 29 April 2024 - 01:11 PM

Robert Konicki
Total Solar Eclipse
April 28 2024
Westfield, Indiana
60mm f/6.6 refractor, mirror diagonal; 20mm ES68°; naked eye
20x; 1x
Graphite and charcoal on Strathmore paper, blending stumps; digital art
Seeing: 3/5
Transparency: 2/5 (high haze)
The sketches and composite are mirror reversed, right-to-left. I built up this composite over the month from a pencil sketch made during totality (including corona, prominences, points of C2/C3, and Baily's beads), which I copied onto a separate paper with soft charcoal. I used lots of radial smudging/blending to produce the corona, digitized/inverted the sketch, and continued my work with digital art. The final product was resized to comply with image size limits.



CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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