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Problem aligning Meade LX 200 Classic

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#1 bobbyizqu


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Posted 27 May 2024 - 09:29 PM

I tried to align my Meade LX 200 Classic to the Star Alkaid. I live in Pittsboro, North Carolina and it was 10 PM, 70 degrees, 88% humidity. I found it with the naked eye and moved the telescope using the control panel to point to it. I used a Meade Super Plossl 28mm multicoated eyepiece with a prism. I couldn’t see anything! I moved the telescope using the control panel vertically and horizontally while looking through the eyepiece and could not see Alkaid. All I saw was darkness. What am I doing wrong? Is my telescope broken?

#2 scottsdalejohn


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Posted 27 May 2024 - 09:44 PM

Assuming you had the lens cap off, I would take it out in the day,  find something off in the distance, and try to focus on that. I find getting the focus reasonably close, and then getting the guide scope aligned (assuming you are using one) to the same object is much easier in the daylight.



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#3 ShaulaB



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Posted 27 May 2024 - 10:34 PM

Do you have any kind of finder? A red dot, a Telrad, or a small finder scope? Trying to find a star with just the eyepiece is REALLY difficult. Is this a new scope?


As John said, practice with this in daylight. If you don't have any kind of finder, at least get a red dot or Telrad ($40).

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#4 sevenofnine


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Posted 27 May 2024 - 11:01 PM

Welcome to C/N! flowerred.gif


The Meade LX 200 SCT came in an 8" & 10" model. Both have long focal lengths that as mentioned will be almost impossible to find anything without a properly aligned finder scope. They usually came with a simple straight through optical finder like 8x50. During the day zero in on a distant telephone pole or similar using only the telescope. This takes time and patience so plan for both. Then lock the scope down so it won't move. Then adjust the cross hairs on the finder scope to agree with the telescope. Now you are ready for the night sky...Good luck! borg.gif

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#5 EGregerson



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Posted 28 May 2024 - 12:13 AM

try Arcturus, it's way bigger.  and use a finder.  the big scope focuser will whizz right the the focal point if ur turning too fast. .

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#6 michael8554



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Posted 28 May 2024 - 05:06 AM

The focus on a SCT has many many turns.


Don't be afraid to make a lot of turns, the end stops are obvious.


Start during the day as sevenofnine suggests

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#7 SeattleScott


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Posted 28 May 2024 - 11:08 AM

If you weren’t seeing anything, the scope wasn’t focused. As said just keep cranking the focus knob until stars show up. If it stops turning, go the other way.

Once you have it focused, you can align the finderscope. Once the finderscope is aligned, you can try a GoTo alignment .

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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